Where Art Thou Brain?

When I was pregnant my brain stopped working, it just went poof. While I was reading baby books including What To Expect and Let’s Freak You Out About All The Things That Can Go Wrong In Your Pregnancy, I came across the term “pregnancy brain”. Woo Hoo I thought, I’m not going more mental than I already am. I would do things like make a phone call and while it was ringing, forget who I was even calling. Wait….I did that even before I was pregnant.

Anyway the one preggo brain thing I did that stands out since I can’t remember most of the others is when I decided to make dinner. I am not a cook in any way, shape, or form so this was monumental. I just don’t like it and when I do cook there’s a lot of swearing and yelling.

After I baked my cheese enchiladas and had them sitting on the stove, I was impatiently waiting for the spanish rice. The rabid pregnancy hunger was creeping up on me like a sledgehammer. Every minute I waited for that damn rice seemed like an hour. Finally, ding!, the rice was done. I took the lid off with fork in hand and saw that for the last 15 minutes I had been simmering water….yes. just. water.

So after I actually put the rice in and triple checked just to make sure, I waited another 15 minutes. While I waited again, my rabid hunger was at its peak so I had a pre-dinner dinner. What? I was eating for 2. After I had my daughter I couldn’t wait to get my brain back. 14 months later, I’m still waiting.

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