Don’t Fret, It’s Music Monday! Home Sweet Home Edition.

Glen Hansard – Cry Me A River

Glen Hansard – Leave

We finally have a house and we’ll be moving there sometime at the end of the week. The owner’s father was an architect who designed the house in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s beautiful and unique but at the same time it will be a big adjustment since the rooms of the house aren’t in the typical square shape.

The bathroom (there’s just one, gulp) is in a narrow diamond shape and the living room is a pentagon shape with a gorgeous skylight but it also has a built-in couch (we bought a big sectional couch just last year, not sure how that’s going to work out). Since both of the bedrooms on the main floor are too small for us, we’ll have to make the finished basement our bedroom.

I’m still iffy about that but I think it will work out. I’m so used to having our room only a few feet away from our daughter’s room. I’ll get a good work out since I check on my daughter at least 20 times (give or take) a night before I go to bed.

The front of the house is really nice and private. The little girl and I can have a garden and my hubby wants to put in a koi pond. There’s a forest in the back of the house with trails and a creek. It feels like you’re a million miles away from everything but really it’s just a few minutes away.

Right now I’m having renter’s remorse just because the house is so different and unusual. I have no idea where all of our things are going to go or if they will fit. I wish we had time to look for a more suitable house but we don’t. 

My little girl LOVES the house and all of the room that she has to toddle around in and she just loves the front yard. So all of the adjustments that we’ll have to deal with will be so worth it for her.

I also know that once the stress of the move and the chaos of staying in hotel rooms for 3 weeks dissipates, I will love the house just as much as my hubby and  little girl. Have a great week!

 *Since the house is so nice but at the same time very reasonably priced (we’re renting), I’m waiting for some kind of catch. It got me thinking that maybe it’s built on top of an Indian burial ground a la’ Poltergeist.

If the dining room chairs start sliding across the floor or an ominous looking tree smashes through a window, grabs my hubby, and starts to eat him then I’m grabbing my daughter, the cat, and my partially digested husband and we’re getting the hell out of there.

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4 Responses to Don’t Fret, It’s Music Monday! Home Sweet Home Edition.

  1. Lisa August 2, 2010 at 07:53 #

    Ohhh I’m sooo happy for you that you’ve found a home! It sounds really interesting…be sure to post some pics after you get settled. My husband is an architect and loves to design- makes for a challenging time while trying to find a place to live that we both can be happy in….ahhh! The pleasures of marriage!!

    Good luck with the moving in and arranging your furniture!

    • Elle August 2, 2010 at 10:42 #

      Thank you! I hope to have some pics up by next week. I did suggest to my hubby that we get a queen bed since we would have a better chance to fit everything into a room on the main floor.

      Before he could answer I said nope, can’t do it. We love our king sized bed way too much. Sometimes it *still* feels like there’s not enough room in it for the both of us. 😉

  2. waj306 August 3, 2010 at 20:30 #

    How exciting!! GOOD call on keeping the king! Lol.

    • Elle August 6, 2010 at 17:53 #

      I’m glad to be keeping the king size bed. I’m sure I would be pushing my hubs onto the floor if we got something smaller. 😉

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