16 Months Old.

Time has gone by so fast. You are now walking with more confidence ever day. At times you can still be a little wobbly and frankenstein-ish and it is oh so cute. You refuse to hold my hand, it’s your way of telling me “No mama, I can do it by myself”. 

When you were younger and strangers came up to you, you would get scared and cry. Now you’re such a little social butterfly and wave to people you see. Sometimes when we try to get you to wave you don’t do it but as soon as that person turns their back you’ll give them a wave. You even like waving at inanimate objects and yourself. 

You love going places and being around people. When we go somewhere, before we take you out of your car seat, you do your happy car seat dance. You get so excited and your legs move a mile a minute. When we’re at a restaurant and people walk by, you always try to offer them what your eating or grab at them. You’ve even been known to grab a few butts. 

You’re such an observant little girl. If you could stay still for more than .02 seconds, you would watch people all day. You love to look at your books which makes my heart so happy. I was an avid reader (still try to be) when I was younger and sometimes I would get into trouble for reading in school. How ironic is that? There are times when you get so quiet and I think “Ruh roh, what is she into now?” When I turn your way to see what your up to, you’ll just be flipping through the pages of a book. 

Your hair has grown so long, it’s already past your shoulders. When you were born your dad and I couldn’t believe how much hair you already had. I can’t bear to have it cut so for now we always put a little barrette in your hair to keep it out of your face. Of course it doesn’t always stay in. 

When you were younger you had this curl that would always wrap around your left ear. I would take my finger and push it back but it would go right back around your ear. I really miss that little curl. I still love to smell your hair, particularly the spot on the right side of your head. 

You love Elmo and get so excited when you watch his videos and hear his songs. From the time you were very young you’ve loved the song “If Your Happy And You Know It”. Lately another favorite of yours is “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and just last week when I was singing it to you, you were trying to mimic my fingers when the spider climbs up the water spout. That was always my favorite part too. I used to think it was like magic when my mom did that. 

You also love music, especially electronic music. You’re always bopping your head and moving to the rhythm. You’ve even started singing along to songs, in your own way. 

I’m not a morning person but when I wake up to your sweet babbling and walk into your room, you hop up and down in your crib with the biggest smile on your face, arms outstretched to me. My heart melts into a puddle and makes the mornings so much better. I love you, my little hummingbird, more that you’ll ever know. 



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