Don’t Fret, It’s Music Monday! Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird – Spare-Ohs

This is one of the most beautifully shot videos I’ve seen. It’s like a piece of art. Watch out for the car horn at around 1:51. The first time I saw this video, that horn scared the hell out of me. 😉

Andrew Bird – Anonanimal

Back in 2005 my hubby and I were living in San Diego. We were walking around a neighborhood and I saw a poster at a music store that said Ani DiFranco was playing in town the next night. The next evening while waiting for Ani to come on stage, they announced the opening act and it was someone we’ve never heard of before.

All of the concerts I’ve been to have had opening acts but there was no mention of one for this night and I wanted to see Ani dammit. This tall guy walks out in a two piece suit and tie, playing the violin. I thought to myself “Wha?” and had no idea what to expect.

While playing the violin, he also took off his shoes which then revealed brightly colored striped socks. I would soon come to find after watching many live videos of him and seeing him in concert several times, that is Andrew Bird’s trademark. He loves his socks and plays music without his shoes on.

On one hand he looks like this straight-laced classical musician and at first sight you think what am I in for? Then you find out he’s a quirky and eclectic musician with such tremendous talent (who is in fact classically trained). Within less than a minute of him playing, I was intrigued.

He would play a piece on his violin, use a loop pedal, then play over that and layer the music while also playing the guitar. He is an amazing whistler and also plays the glockenspiel. The guy’s a one man band. By the second song my jaw had dropped to the floor and remained there for the rest of the time he was on stage. I had never seen anyone like him. By the time he was done with his set I was wanting more. I love Ani but dammit, I wanted to see more of Andrew.

There’s something about his music that makes my heart happy and touches my soul. I know he’s not for everyone but his music has gotten me through good and bad times along with everything in between.

Over the years he has gotten other musicians along for the ride so it’s not just him anymore. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve seen him live since that night in San Diego. Another thing is while I love his CD’s, they don’t always do him justice. Seeing him live is such a different experience.

He loves to experiment with his live music and he will even start a song over a few times if he doesn’t like the way it’s going. The last time we saw him in concert was when I was 7 months pregnant. A few minutes after we arrived to the standing room only club, a female staff member couldn’t help but notice my basketball sized belly.

She offered to actually find a place for me to sit but I told her I would be fine. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. About 20 minutes later I was wishing I had taken her offer. Not only that, there was not 1 but 2 opening acts. Oy!

I somehow managed to survive the 3 or so hours of standing on a hard cement floor in a room packed with people who kept on bumping into my baby bump. When Andrew Bird came onstage, I could feel the little girl moving to his music. That made the evening perfect.

If I had to do it all over again and go to that concert, I would but this time I would take that seat.

A brilliant musician and his socks.

Andrew Bird – Section 8 City

This is a long video but I couldn’t resist adding this one. I love the whole video but if you’re short on time, the first 4 minutes in particular are so beautiful that it leaves me speechless. Yes. me. speechless.

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