Annie, In-Laws, And Airplanes, Oh My!

Annie – It’s A Hard Knock Life¬† *Nothing like watching adorable, acrobatic, ninja orphans to brighten your day* ūüėČ

I was about 7 years old when the movie Annie came out and I’ve probably seen it a bazillion times since. I’ve also seen Mary Poppins and The Sound Of Music countless times and love it when I¬†come across these movies¬†on television. It always¬†gives me such a cozy, safe feeling.

Something I would like to clear up is that when I was seven I would not pretend to be Annie while singing the songs. I also never danced around my bedroom singing songs from Annie¬†while¬†not pretending¬†to be¬†in the Broadway show. Aaand I never pretended to sign autographs for my many fans after I didn’t dance around my room not pretending to be Annie. So glad I set that straight.

One of the traditions in my family was watching Christmas Vacation on Thanksgiving night and it’s a tradition I’ve been carrying on. The hubby and I tried watching it once with my in-laws and it was torture. There were constant questions or comments¬†like “How can that sled go down the hill so fast, that doesn’t seem possible” or “That couldn’t possibly happen in real life” Oy! Btw, what is the deal with Uncle Eddie?! Daaamn.

My hubby, daughter, and I leave for the dreaded trip to the in-laws tomorrow. We’ve never traveled with our little girl on a plane so that should be interesting. She currently loves taking her shirt off any chance she gets. I can just picture her on the plane running up and down the aisle, having a little girl gone wild moment.

I have been having major anxiety lately and last month I went to my doctor basically begging for a medication I’ve taken before. It really helps but my doctor said he doesn’t like to prescribe it and gave me¬†some ancient med I’ve never heard of that¬†was banned¬†in the U.K. back in 2006. Major thumbs up, Mr. Dr. Man.

Since I’m terrified of flying, I’m having panic attacks,¬†and stressed about my in-laws, I set up an appointment with the physician’s assistant at my Dr.’s office and he seemed more understanding. So yay, I got what I needed. I’ve been having a lot of sinus pain since last week and when the P.A. looked up my nose he said OHH! Not really something you want to hear from a medical professional.

He told me that my sinuses were bright red, there’s an infection,¬†and put me on antibiotics. I also have a fever to go along with it¬†and the left side of my face feels like it’s going to explode. There was a mix¬†up¬†at the pharmacy and I had to wait an extra¬†day to get the antibiotics. It might not seem like a long wait but when your face is on fire, it feels like forever.

A few weeks ago I started reading Stephen King. I LOVE to read whenever I can and used to get in trouble for reading in class when I was in junior high and high school. Talk about ironic. I’ve seen a lot of the movies adapted from Stephen King books but never paid much attention to him.

My mom has been a HUGE¬†fan of his for many years and so she’s bringing some of his books that I’ll be borrowing when I see her next week. I will be having a massive Stephen King book reading orgy in the, ahem, coming weeks.

One more fascinating thing from my life is I finally got my hair done Wednesday night. It’s been five months since I’ve gotten¬†highlights and a haircut. My dark roots were almost¬†as long as¬†the blonde in my hair. Of course I’m a natural blonde so I don’t know how that’s even possible.

Whenever we move (we moved to N. Cali in July)¬†I really dread finding a new hairdresser but the girl¬†that did my hair¬†was awesome and she took care of my mangled bangs. I end up thinking I can cut them myself, then I do with really awful results and tell myself I’ll never do it again. But then I’ll do it again.

Now it’s off to read Stephen King and watch Family Ties before I crash into bed. Happy Thursday lovelies!

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3 Responses to Annie, In-Laws, And Airplanes, Oh My!

  1. Cassie November 18, 2010 at 09:08 #

    I’m sorry to hear that your not feeling well! Anything involving the sinus is the WORST. It’s amazing, I never realized my face could actually hurt! But it totally does with a sinus infection! And I’m sure keeping up with your little “girl gone wild” has been great for the recovery process. Hang in there!

    • Elle November 18, 2010 at 10:33 #

      Thanks so much, Cassie!

  2. Jill@ Mormon Surrogate November 19, 2010 at 19:22 #

    Annie is great. I love Miss Hannigan. Great post! Sorry about the anxiety. That sucks!!! Hope you live through Turkey Day with the inlaws. Hubby’s still upset with his mom, so I get a break from mine. (been going on 4 months now) And MIL is the kind of person who’s like “But we ALWAYS have Thanksgiving, you should plan on it. Same with Christmas Eve and Day. Yeah lady you’re the only one who celebrtates these holidays…
    We will be having T Day with my Step Mom’s family. Much better than in laws.

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