If I was thinner, everything would be perfect?

If I was thinner…

I could fit into the jeans I haven’t worn since I was 27. I could wear whatever I wanted and it would look perfect. I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight. I would never have to think about calories again.

If I was thinner I would still worry about my weight, even more so than now. I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted since I have to worry about staying so thin. I would still think I was fat and become obsessed with calories.

If I was prettier…

Nothing would ever be wrong. I would always be confident and never get embarrassed. My younger self would take hold and I would love being able to get my way.

If I was prettier I wouldn’t like all of the attention. I would still get embarrassed because that’s just part of life. There will always be someone who is prettier.

If my hair was long and straight…

I wouldn’t have to worry about having to flat-iron my wavy hair every day. It would always be shiny and beautiful. I could do all kinds of things with my hair that I can’t do now since it’s only just passed my shoulders.

If my hair was long and straight I would want wavy hair.

If I was a perfect wife…

I would always have dinner on the table. I wouldn’t yell at my husband when he was being a pain in the ass. I would never be absorbed in my own issues. I would cater to all of his needs and forget mine.

If I was the perfect wife he probably wouldn’t have wanted to marry me. He loves me and my quirks.

If I was the greatest mom that ever lived…

 I would never be tired. I wouldn’t get annoyed when my daughter was cranky and count down the time when my husband will be home from work. I would know the right things to do. She wouldn’t get frustrated and throw tantrums. I would never make mistakes. I wouldn’t raise my voice when she gets into trouble.

She would never want to leave my side and I would never want to leave hers. Even if she doesn’t know the words to say, I would ALWAYS know what she wants.

If I was the greatest mom that ever lived she would still throw tantrums and be cranky. I would still have to raise my voice and teach her discipline to show her right from wrong and to keep her out of danger. I would still need some time for myself because that’s what helps me be a better mom.

If I was thinner, prettier, had long, straight hair, was the perfect wife, and was the greatest mom that ever lived, that would be pretty damn boring.

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