Tink, Tink, Tink.

That’s the sound of my cat’s collar as she’s scratching. It’s barely 6 am and she’s standing in the bedroom with her jingling collar and her awful, bellowing meow. I’m usually awoken to the sounds of my daughter’s babbling at 7 am. Having my cat wake me up an hour early is not what I had in mind today.

I was up until 1 in the morning reading that Stephen King book I’ve been going on and on about, Full Dark, No Stars. I’m on the last story and it has been creeping me out, in a good way.

My daughter isn’t even awake yet and as I’m sitting here writing this, I’m watching Groundhog Day, which is playing on a loop all day. If my daughter was the cuddly type, I would love to snuggle in bed with her for a while and watch it with her once she’s up. This is a stay in bed kind of day. Plus, a day that I could watch something besides Caillou would be really nice.

My husband is finally getting the results of his sleep study test today. If they say he doesn’t have sleep apnea, I will be so shocked. I will make his doctor stay the night while listening to my husband snore and see how much sleep he gets.


I’m feeling a little better since my sinus surgery although I feel some blockage on the left side again. I have another appointment with my ENT doctor on Friday so I can’t wait to see what’s going on.

Over the weekend I was trying to take it easy and stayed in bed as much as I could. I was lying there, watching Jaws, when my hubby brought our daughter in to say goodnight. I didn’t have time to change the channel and tried to distract her from seeing the television.

She turned her head to it and saw when Jaws had just attacked someone. As that person’s dismembered arm or leg was floating to the bottom of the ocean, the little hummingbird watched and said “UH-OH!”

Andrew Bird – Section 8 City

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