My Dearest Tobias…..

I’ve only revealed your real name on my blog once before. I was leary when we first met and didn’t want to become too attached to you but I quickly fell in love.

It doesn’t hurt that you let me have my way most of the time and let me say whatever I want without judging me.

We’ve had some glitches here and there but we’re always able to work through it.

Then without any warning, you just stopped communicating.

I tried to figure out what was wrong but no matter what I did you haven’t been the same.

What’s the deal, Tobias?

I really miss what we had. I hate that I’m the one giving my all while you just sit there doing nothing.

You had to leave to resolve some of your issues but you weren’t gone that long.

When you came back home things seemed okay but you’ve gotten into the same routine of shutting me out.

Now you’re gone again and I just don’t know if things will be the same anymore but I’m hoping for the best and can’t wait to get my hands on you.

My Dearest Tobias….

computer viruses suck ass and I hope you’re back to all of your laptop glory soon.  :^)

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