Please leave a message after the beep since I will be stuck in front of the television, stuffing my face with leftover Easter candy.

It seems like most people could give a flying flip about this but I admit it, I’m completely caught up with the Royal Wedding. I rarely get to watch what I want during the day because of my boss daughter but today I will be glued to the television. It doesn’t hurt that I need an escape since depression being in a funk has been a total asshole to me this past week. The crying, the anxiety, the feelings of panic, I’m so done with it so bring on the wedding.

Not that I ever answer the phone but the only calls I’ll be taking are from my mom so we can talk about every little detail. Since I know the hummingbird won’t let me sit at all for long periods of time, I’ve been making room on the DVR and deleting things I haven’t even watched yet so I can record the wedding. That’s usually only reserved when I need to make room for all things Mark Ruffalo.

So Royal Wedding, you have to be more awesome than Mark Ruffalo which I find to be an impossible feat….unless he’s one of the guests and shows off his assssets.

I was half kidding when I told my mom that maybe I should call the babysitter so I can just stare at the t.v. all day, veg out, and stuff my face with leftover Easter candy.

The only reason I have any left is because of me trying to eat healthier crap and having that bitch Jillian Michaels kill me with her exercise routines I’m not bitter which I have now stopped or else my body will never forgive me. Instead I’m doing lower impact granny exercise dvd’s. I know I’ll go back to Jillian eventually dammit since I’ve already been seeing results.

I would much rather use our elliptical but it creaks, squeaks, and rumbles & sounds like a Mack truck is driving through the living room.

Oh yeah, the Royal Wedding. I think what I’m most excited to see is Prince Harry the wedding dress and uh, Prince Harry the whole shebang. The little hummingbird is really excited too but she just doesn’t know it yet.

I’m sure when she’s in therapy talking about her visit to see the Easter Bunny and while she’s being hypnotized so she can finally go near things that are fluffy and have big ears, it will come to her how great her mama really is because she had no choice but to see the Royal Wedding since I hid the remote and won’t turn on Caillou. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

With all of the wedding excitement, the hummingbird has been bouncing off the walls.

Actually it’s more of a nap time party. The video below is what she does every day when she’s supposed to be taking her nap. She can do this for over an hour and at that point I start to get twitchy because it’s so loud.

I tried to record it from the monitor a few times but it will make you have more motion sickness than the movie Cloverfield. My hubby was able to record it while keeping a steady hand and not cracking up the entire time. Towards the end, it looks like the hummingbird’s right arm is going to fly right off.

It’s impossible to get her to keep her shirt on. She’s a toddler gone wild.

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5 Responses to Please leave a message after the beep since I will be stuck in front of the television, stuffing my face with leftover Easter candy.

  1. Wombat Central April 29, 2011 at 05:29 #

    Looks like she may be done with naps already. 🙁 My daughter was done with naps just after she turned two. Ack. I loved naptime. On a positive note, she seems to really be enjoying herself, and it gives you a little time to regroup, go to the bathroom, or watch Mark Ruffalo on Youtube (love me some MR). Party on, Hummingbird!

    • Elle April 29, 2011 at 15:47 #

      No more naps? Ahhhhhh! 😉 There are some days, few and far between, where she’ll practically be begging for a nap but most days she’s just wired. I think I’ll still put her down for so called “quiet time” so I don’t go completely mad. heh.

  2. Sarah M April 30, 2011 at 19:35 #

    My 3 month old got me up at 4:30am so I thought hey I will just turn on the TV and see what’s happening and I ended up staying up to watch the pre-coverage, the wedding, the balcony and then highlights…LOL

    The video is awesome…I guess not for you I could imagine that would be twitch causing material…When I was young my sister used to rock on all fours in her crib to get to sleep which caused her crib to bang against the wall. We lived in a townhouse and our neighbours told my mom her husband slept during the day and this banging was disturbing him mom told her about the rocking and that she wasn’t even in the room beside theirs but on the farthest wall in another room!!

    • Elle May 1, 2011 at 12:28 #

      My little girl bouncing around is twitch inducing but I also find it funny. Well, it’s funny after my husband comes home from work and I get a break. 😉

      Luckily we live in a house so we don’t have those kind of complaints but sometimes I think people can hear my daughter down the block. Ha!


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