Too cool for preschool.

I put this photo on Twitter last weekend but here it is again. What? I’m recycling.

The germaphobe in me got out the antibacterial wipes so I could scrub that sucker down before the little hummingbird hopped in.

When I say I scrubbed it down, I mean my hubby did.

What? He’s the one who had the wipes in his pocket and I was too busy chasing the hummingbird.

You could say I was a backseat driver bwaahaha when it came to making sure my hubby wiped down every nook and cranny.

The hummingbird loves cars, especially because of The Wiggles ‘Big Red Car’, and couldn’t wait to get in.

She lasted about 30 seconds and then she wanted outta there.

I dread the day when she’s old enough to start driving. It’s not so much the driving part, it’s that she’ll be 16 but I know my mom will be laughing her ass off because karma’s a bitch.

When I think of the things I did when I was 16, I want to ground myself until I’m 40.

I was living in Los Angeles, had very little supervision from my sperm donor, and loved going to clubs on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

Come to think of it, I should ground myself until I’m 60.


The little hummingbird loves to walk around in her rainboots while wearing her footie pajamas in the morning.

For several months I’ve been trying to get a picture but like the elusive Bigfoot, I could never get one of the hummingbird before she ran off. Until this morning.

My daughter wasn’t very happy because she wanted to go downstairs to watch Caillou and mean mommy made her take a picture first.

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8 Responses to Too cool for preschool.

  1. siggiofmaine June 17, 2011 at 15:11 #

    I adore this story and can sooo relate to it. The photo is wonderful…and I know it was worth the effort…to use when she is 16 and wants to drive and you can say if she isn’t careful you’li decoupage it to the windshield for The Boyfriend in the passenger seat to see. Enjoy reading your posts…
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

    • Elle June 19, 2011 at 20:13 #

      Good idea! 🙂 And thank you!

  2. Mcai7td3 June 17, 2011 at 18:12 #

    Those are some very cool sunglasses. And some even cooler boots!! I think she’s going to be too cool for pre-school, school and high school!

    • Elle June 19, 2011 at 20:15 #

      It was the longest she’s ever worn sunglasses before. Had to get the pic while I could. 😉

  3. Marianna Annadanna June 19, 2011 at 10:50 #

    Was the car wipe-down worth the 30 second car sit? And the photo op? I think YES.

    • Elle June 19, 2011 at 20:17 #

      I think so too. Plus I didn’t actually have to touch the grimey, never been wiped down before car. 🙂

  4. Elle P. June 19, 2011 at 18:31 #

    The Hummingbird is a BAD ASS. Love the rain boots.

    • Elle June 19, 2011 at 20:23 #

      If her rain boots came in my size, I’d totally wear them. I would hope that I wouldn’t have to special order them, like Marianna with her shoes, and end up having the post office send it to someone else’s house. 😉

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