Total Recall Sunday: Poop Talk.

I never knew just how obsessed I would be about poop until after I became a parent. It’s not as common that my hubby and I talk about it now like we did when our daughter was younger but still there’s at least once a day that one of us will ask the other about the hummingbird’s poop.

Poop Talk

September 18, 2010

A night in the life of two party animal parents…Hubby comes home from work.

Him: Did she poop today? Me: She did earlier this morning. Him: What was it like? Me: Oh, it was like rabbit pellets so that means she probably has another one coming later. Him: She didn’t poop yesterday. Me: No, actually she did, twice. Him: Really? What were they like?

Me: The first one was really mushy. Good thing she was wearing a onesie or else it could have leaked. I was pretty impressed AND it took three diaper wipes. Him: Wow, that is impressive! What about the second one?

M: That one was more of a ball. H: What was the color like? M: It was dark brown but she must not have chewed her steamed carrots very well because there were orange lumps in it.

H: What did she have for lunch? M: She ate mac n’ cheese, avocado, and crackers but she didn’t care for her sliced bananas. H: We’ll let her have a banana break this week, maybe then she’ll want them next week. M: We should make sure to get some blueberries when we go to the store since she’s really liking them lately. H: Did the cat do anything today? M: How am I supposed to know what the cat did? I barely had time to pee.

After hubby puts her to bed….

M: Did she go to sleep right away? H: Yeah, she was a tired little girl. M: Did she drink her whole bottle? H: Almost, but she was falling asleep. M: Did you make sure to put lotion on her cheeks? I noticed they were a little dry. H: Yes. M: But did you remember to rub it in this time? H: I rubbed the lotion in. M: Did you brush her hair? H: Yesssss! M: Okay, just asking because I know how you forget. Do you have the baby monitor?

H: It’s already downstairs. M: Do you want to watch Weeds? H: Sure. M: Did you hear that? I think she’s still up. Maybe we should wait to watch Weeds until we know that she’s asleep. H: Let me go check.

H: Well she’s awake and bouncing around in her crib. M: But is she happy or was she whining. Because if she was whining then maybe we should hold off on watching Weeds. H: She seemed happy. If we’re going to watch it tonight then we better do it now since it’s getting so late (8pm). M: I can’t find the new episode on the DVR. H: Let me see the remote.

M: I think I know how to work a remote. H: I know, I just want to see something. M: Fine, but I’m telling you it’s not on the DVR. I think I forgot to record it. H: Then it should be On Demand…..I don’t see it on here though. M: Oh! I remember, they skipped last week. *Hubby walks upstairs to get ready for bed*

I go to the kitchen, grab some chocolate and start watching Sweet Home Alabama for the millionth time. Not long after, I hear the hubby upstairs snoring like a bear.

Total party animals….


If anyone else wants to join in for Total Recall Sunday, I’ve added a linky. Since I have the linky will open in a new page because it doesn’t support javascript buttheads. I’m thinking about having my blog hosted so I can do more but I’m worried I’ll be in over my head since I’m computer illiterate.

Total Recall Sunday is for a post you might have written a few years ago, something you’ve written within the last week, or it could be a post you really like but it went unnoticed.

Basically there aren’t any rules because while I have to play the role of bad cop with my daughter while my hubby is the good cop, on my blog I’m more the “you have the freedom to write what you want as long as you’re not implicating yourself or me in serial murders” kind of cop.

If I don’t get anyone else to link up, I just might have to eat that whole pan of brownies with chocolate chunks that I made. It may sound like a good thing but my ass will most likely weep. Not that I have a leaky ass or anything. I’m not taking that diet pill that causes leaky ass syndrome.

And if you don’t have a blog, why don’t you click on the link to read other people’s awesome. Please. For me. *bats eyelashes* *cries one tear, from my eye not my ass* *feels nauseous for begging about clicking on some link*

I even made a button and if you want, you can copy and paste it to your post. I don’t know how to do code but the lovely Sara from Sara Without An H offered to help with my blog button I’m going to do so *maybe* she’ll help me with this too if it becomes something others want to participate in.

I couldn’t sleep so I made this button at around 2 am and that’s why it looks the way it does. Luckily, I was going for a last minute thrown together look. Ha!

*Update. I’m going to add the links to posts that are linked up and put them on my post so everyone has better access to them. I’m looking into the web hosting thingy but I’m losing my fricking mind when it comes to all this computer stuff so I might do the links this way for the next couple of weeks until I figure out how to set up Go Daddy web hosting or take a baseball bat to my laptop, whichever comes first.  :^)

1. Spill The Beans ~ The Naked Cowboy.

2. The Bright Side ~ Time Well Spent.

3. Coffee With Cheryl ~ Peanut Butter?

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9 Responses to Total Recall Sunday: Poop Talk.

  1. leesepea August 21, 2011 at 06:23 #

    I actually have new material to post today but want to do this next week – so don’t eat ALL of the brownies. Maybe just one.

    • Elle August 21, 2011 at 11:17 #

      I’ll have that one brownie and my ass thanks you. That sounds so wrong. 😉

  2. Elle P. August 21, 2011 at 07:10 #

    I just did my first Total Recall Sunday and used your button and linky and everything. The only thing is, I think I typed Naked Cowbo instead of Cowboy in the linky thing. Is there anyway I can fix it?


    P.S. How are you feeling?

    • Elle August 21, 2011 at 11:28 #

      I looked and it doesn’t seem like I can do anything. The plus side is seeing it say Naked Cowbo made me laugh so right this second at least I’m feeling a little better. I look like some psych patient who escaped because I keep busting out laughing. 🙂

      Next week I’ll make sure to do the linky that gives you a bigger thumbnail and 25 characters to write. I’ve added your post to the front page so it has better access. I think I’m going to do that along with the linky until I figure out how to upgrade my wordpress blog. xx

      • Elle P. August 21, 2011 at 21:08 #

        Thanks for putting it on the front page- would have been funny if you listed it at The Naked Cowbo. LOL 🙂

  3. Cheryl M. August 22, 2011 at 09:50 #

    Elle – do yourself a favor and DO NOT get hosting from Go-Daddy. I am a computer/internet/photoshop geek, and I tried them and totally regretted it. If you’d like some suggestions, feel free to get in touch with me. Also, since I’m a stay-at-home mom who gets very bored, I’d be more than happy to help you when you need code written.

    Don’t you love it when you look like a deranged psycho? I look like that on a regular basis…just ask my hubby! 😉

  4. Alicia August 22, 2011 at 13:00 #

    Posted my Recall! It was from almost exactly a year ago and of course made me miss my sweet little 18 month old who is now big and badass at 2.5 years old.

  5. Cheryl M. August 22, 2011 at 13:45 #

    I posted my recall too! It was from about a year and a half ago, and my son in the pic is now a whopping 5 and about to enter kindergarten!


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