You know you want to join in.

I’ve been trying to expand my blog and while there are some things I plan on keeping, I think the best thing to do is start a blog with a group. This blog idea is still in its infancy and I’m not even sure of a name for it yet, maybe “The Mommyhood Zone” “Write Now with Mommyhood” “Braving Mommyhood” “Uncovering Mommyhood” Tagline ~ “Because we don’t know what we’re doing either” or “Welcome to the Jungle”. I’m not sure yet but I’m not feeling very creative with names right now.

I thought the cool thing about it is that it would take the pressure off of some who like blogging but maybe don’t do it that often or don’t have the time. It might possibly be only a post or two a month for each person.

I’m thinking of having things like creative writing, recipes, crafts (I’m looking at you Connie) and/or sewing, reviews of books and music for both adults and kids (Heather), and regular posts on mommyhood or anything else that comes to mind (I’m thinking of you Jennifer, City Momma, Chelle, Teri, Siggi of Maine, Elle P., Abby, and the Mrs.) I don’t want it to be just posts about motherhood. They can be humorous, serious, and in between.

I’m hoping that one of us will have some skills at CSS or know some blogging design (Yes, I’m looking at you Cheryl ;)). Maybe someone who knows of a good web designer.

I’m not looking on getting this blog up and running right away. I would like it to be something that will be around for a while so I want to make sure it’s done the right way. I know I wasn’t very subtle about dropping hints to people (heehee).

I’d love for anyone interested to email me and I would love to check out your blog if you have one. If you don’t then tell me what areas you’re interested in. I have plenty of others in mind that I’d love to be a part of this but the hummingbird is getting restless and we need to play some. Plus, I’m starting to tire of all the linking I’ve just done. 😉

If you’re interested then please email me at thisismommyhood at gmail dot com.

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6 Responses to You know you want to join in.

  1. Elle P. September 9, 2011 at 19:42 #

    Squuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! (Check your email)

  2. Cheryl @ Coffee with Cheryl September 9, 2011 at 21:09 #

    WoooHoooo! I sent you an e-mail too (sorry it was so long!).

  3. Chelle September 10, 2011 at 05:58 #


    Sent you an email. As Elle P. said – Squuueeee!!!! (That always reminds me of the Geico commercial with the little piggie riding in the backseat who went whee, whee, whee all the way home. (Mental image, sorry)

    If you can bear my sarcasm and blathering about nothing, I’d love to join.


  4. City Momma September 10, 2011 at 09:57 #

    I’m in! It actually would be perfect since I’m getting crazy busy with school and chasing around a now mobile munchkin. 🙂

  5. jennifer September 10, 2011 at 17:40 #

    sounds super-fun! Expect an email once my fun weekend comes to an end!

  6. teri September 10, 2011 at 20:42 #

    YOU KNOW I DO! E-mail on the way.

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