I wanna be sedated.

So, back in May we had to take the little hummingbird to the pediatric dentist which inspired the post I could never be a pediatric dentist because I’d probably end up fingerless and have to hold my dental instruments with my feet but nobody would want to go to a fingerless dentist so really I’m saving money and years of having to go to dental school.

The hummingbird was born with a tooth but a few months ago the tooth went missing and we took her to the dentist who said everything looks fine and the tooth probably just fell out since she had it since she was born.

At least I think that’s what she said. It was hard to hear over my daughter screaming bloody murder while the dentist checked her.

A few weeks ago the hummingbird started pointing to her mouth and was saying boo boo or ouch and although it was hard to see, it looked like there was a little tooth where her other one used to be. My hubby took her back to the dentist while I stayed home since I hate to see her upset and I’m sure my presence in these types of situations just make it worse. I know she can feed off of my energy.

The dentist found that there were fragments of my little girl’s old tooth and my husband called me from the office and told me this. When he came home he said that her dentist needs to do minor surgery to get the fragments out. Then he dropped the bomb and said she’ll have to be sedated as well as given nitrous oxide.

It’s safe to say that I didn’t take the news very well. The thought of my baby going through anything like that freaks me out. Even though she only spent 3 weeks in the NICU after she was born, I felt like they did enough poking and prodding with her to last a lifetime. Knowing she’ll be sedated scares the jebus out of me since I made the mistake of looking at the worst case scenarios on Dr. Google.

I really do think she’ll be fine but it doesn’t stop me from worrying about this procedure. What really kills me is knowing that this can and probably will cause her pain afterwards. I think the proper thing to do is for the office staff to give me a tank of laughing gas while we sit in the waiting room and then another one for me to use once we get home so I won’t be as worried and high strung.

When we took her to the dentist the first time, on the way there I was telling my husband that we should just go and get some tacos and the hard taco shell will clean my daughter’s teeth and take care of them better than a dentist could. Irrational? Hell yes. Crazy? Uh huh! Best idea ever? Of course.

But my hubby didn’t listen to me so now here I am, at 2 am, writing about how a hard taco shell could have helped the hummingbird’s teeth and make everything all better.

She has the minor surgery early Wednesday morning. I’ve been looking over the instructions that were given to us by the dentist called “Instructions for Parents on Oral Sedation for Children” and this is under the before treatment

After the medication is administered, do not become alarmed if your child gets noisy or restless initially.

Um, okay. My kid is 2 years old. She’s already noisy and restless so how will we be able to know any difference? haha.

We had already known about the hummingbird having to get this minor surgery done before my in-laws came to visit so it came up while they were here last week. As usual my MIL said idiotic things. While we were talking about it, I told her how nervous I was and my mother-in-law was like Oh please, she’s under the care of medical professionals, it’s no big deal and implied that I was overreacting.

Maybe I am overreacting but holy hot pocket Batman! I swear this woman doesn’t have a heart. And I love how she said that the hummingbird will be under the care of medical professionals. With the recent dealings I’ve had with doctors, including my miscarriage last month, I have found that most doctors have no idea what they’re doing and say stupid things so that didn’t make me feel any better.

Speaking of my MIL saying idiotic things, I don’t know why in the hell my hubby and I still watch movies when my in-laws visit but we did this time around too. You may remember when I wrote about watching the very sweet movie Up with my mother-in-law and how she ruined it by saying nothing about it is realistic and then I contemplated suffocating her with my candy wrapper but ended up not doing it because I wanted to see how the movie ended.

Well this time we watched a movie that I’ve seen hundreds of times yet both my MIL and FIL went all verbal ninja on it and made me want to stab them both in the face. We watched the movie House Of Sand And Fog with Jennifer Connelly and Ben Kingsley. If you haven’t seen this movie then put it on your list because seriously, it’s such an incredible film.

Throughout the whole 2 hours I had to listen to a running commentary from my in-laws.


Them: I wonder where this was filmed. There’s lots of fog there.

Me: San Francisco.

Them: It doesn’t seem like it would be on the east coast. I can’t figure it out. Oh there’s the Golden Gate Bridge so they must be in San Francisco.

Me: *stab stab stab*

Them: What is that woman doing? Where is her husband? Who is she talking to?

Me: When she answered the phone she mentioned it was her mom.

Them: Why is she having this conversation? It doesn’t even seem important to the movie. I still don’t know who she’s talking to.

Me: *stab stab stab*

But I did survive their visit….barely. Now I’m waiting for my MIL to ask us what we’ll be doing for the upcoming holidays. We can never say we would just like to stay home and spend time together so I need to come up with something. I’m thinking of telling them we already have plans and we’re taking a trip to Hogwarts. I’m sure they wouldn’t have any idea what it even was. I could have some fun with this.

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2 Responses to I wanna be sedated.

  1. jennifer September 14, 2011 at 04:07 #

    thinking of you and hummingbird! She’s going to be fine, but OF COURSE you have every right to be worried. Also, I WANT TO GO TO HOGWARTS WITH YOU.

  2. Sarah M September 14, 2011 at 06:37 #

    So its Wednesday morning here(EST) but hopefully you are getting a little sleep although probably not likely, thinking of you and your girl today!!
    You will have to tell me how it went I am pretty sure I will be in your shoes in about 4-5 mths 🙁 My 8mth old has a blocked tear duct and has since birth but they can’t do anything until she is a year old because….dun dun dun she has to be sedated!! I have been wanting to do a blog about it but I might wait until its all over and done with it totally freaks me out. Its not even definite but because it hasn’t changed not better or worse i’m pretty sure it will have to be surgically unblocked by an eye specialist. I just hate having to explain it to everyone we come across…OH her eye what’s wrong, oh she has a cold in her eye, oh its pink eye,…No she has a blocked tear duct , well can’t they do anything? Yes, but i chose to keep her eye like this…everyone has an opinion!
    I’m sure its all well meaning its just gets too much when i’m explaining it every 10 mins in the grocery store.
    I know deep down everything will be ok but the voice that shouts Oh My GOD my BABY is so much louder. I feel like crying every time she wakes up because her eye is almost always sealed shut…she looks like a one eyed pirate. The more I clean it the more horrifying it looks red and sore looking, so I mostly just dab and let it clear on its own which works sometimes and other times not so much.
    So I hope you can share a little wisdom on how to get through it with most of my faculties!!

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