Toddlers are odd but it makes for great entertainment.


When it comes to the little hummingbird being a toddler, it can be so amusing by how odd she is. Recently she had this obsession with putting a pair of my clean underwear around her neck and waving this small American flag that we had leftover from the 4th of July while she would run through the house. Don’t even get me started on her fascination with flashlights.


Well I’m upper upper class high society…God’s gift to ballroom notoriety…And I always fill my ballroom…The event is never small…The social pages say I’ve got The biggest balls of all…

After my hubby had stolen someone else’s cat out of their own yard and we were in our backyard trying to figure out if it was our missing cat…hold on…hahahahaha….I noticed my daughter was playing with a golf ball.

My husband doesn’t golf and I asked him where she got it from. He said while he was stealing getting the cat, the hummingbird hopped out of her wagon and walked to this family’s porch where she found the golf ball. After she got it in her hot little hands, she refused to give it up.

So, my hubby is a cat napper and my daughter likes to steal someone else’s balls at the tender age of 2. I had to distract her while my germaphobe self washed the golf ball and her hands. The hummingbird would not let go of the golf ball and even *had* to have it when she went to sleep.

You know, there’s a ball joke in here somewhere but seeing as how she’s only 2 years old, I’ll take a pass even though it’s tempting. My hubby and I have said every cheesy ball joke we could think of though.

A few days later she lost the golf ball and it took her forever to go to sleep because she was upset that her new toy “friend” was missing and kept on asking for her ball? ball? The next day my hubby made a run to Target and got a pack of golf balls so we wouldn’t have that situation again.

He also showed me that he bought a 3 pack of tennis balls for her and I reminded him that she wasn’t a puppy even though she might act like it sometimes. I’m sure you can guess what else she has to have in her bed. The other day I noticed that her little pink purse looked more ballsy heehee and when I took a look, I found this:

That same day, she had her Easter basket/purse/hat in her bed and when she got up from her nap, I peeked inside and saw this:


Pinch that booty…But watch ya self…Pinch that booty..Show me what you workin with….

Months ago I started this thing with the little hummingbird called pinch the booty…not to be confused with armpits, booty…armpits, booty where I go back and forth and tickle both. Either me or my hubby will say pinch the booty and the other one will act unsuspecting and surprised when she grabs our butt which gets her laughing.

It’s backfired a bit because she’s been pinching the booty when we really do least expect it.

One time when we were at the grocery store and she was getting restless, we started doing it to distract her. She would run back and forth to me and my hubby and do it. At one point when she was headed toward my hubby and he was pretending not to see her approach him, she ran right past him with her hands ready to pinch the booty and was headed for a few other people who were down the aisle.

I thought oh shit and my hubby was still turned around and didn’t see her running by him. I started running after her and then he saw what was going on. Even though we were afraid she was going to grab some strangers butt, we were cracking up. She ended up stopping right by these people and they’re booty’s went untouched.


Here comes Santa Claus…Here comes Santa Claus…Right down Santa Claus lane…

I don’t know how this started exactly but within the past few months, the hummingbird developed this obsession with Santa Claus who she calls “Sabby” like Tabby.

She goes crazy when she sees “Sabby” and I even bought her a little stuffed Santa Claus that she loves. My husband also dressed up this little hippo the hummingbird already had in a “Sabby” suit which he actually found at a store and is normally used to dress up wine bottles. Why would someone would want that for a bottle of wine even if it is for a gift for the holiday. Just give me a glass of wine, yo!

My daughter goes crazy over any clothing that has a lot of red in it and will immediately repeat over and over Sabby? Sabby? Whenever she sees older men who have white hair then she thinks they’re Santa Claus and she gets so excited.

I’m betting when the time comes, if we take her to see him for Xmas, she will freak out like she did with the Easter Bunny. Now those were some good times…..Not!

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4 Responses to Toddlers are odd but it makes for great entertainment.

  1. teri September 15, 2011 at 16:56 #

    I *still* find the oddest things in my kid’s purse/bag/whatever. The next step is for you to teach her how to bust those balls. I cracked up at “pinch the booty” – could you imagine if she made it to those people? HILARIOUS and MORTIFYING all at the same time!

    When my daughter was little after her bath when we removed her towel to get her dressed we would say “we can’t have a naked baby!” and then we’d get her dressed as fast as she could. One night she came out of the bathroom and all on her own she opened her towel and said “naked baby!” That’s when we realized that we had inadvertently taught her how to be a stripper.

  2. NotMyYearOff September 15, 2011 at 18:05 #

    She sounds so cute. You know you could take her to a golfcourse and she’d probably nick every ball there!! 🙂

  3. Michelle September 15, 2011 at 22:23 #

    You daughter sounds adorable, I love reading your stories and adventures! This story made me cringe. When I saw that the Hummingbird had been sleeping with a golf ball in her little purse I actually yelled ‘No! No! No!’ and everyone in the house came running.

    Please, please, please take the golf balls away! They are scary-dangerous and are not toys for kids. I was about your daughter’s age and my Dad had been putting around the backyard. I was playing with one of the golf balls and happened to stick it in my mouth.

    Because everything goes in the mouth at some point.

    It was the perfect size to get stuck behind my back teeth, and stuck it was. I couldn’t breath and no matter how much I panicked and how hard Mom and Dad tried to pry that darned ball out, there was no budging it. At all. I am sure my panicking wasn’t helping matters.

    Finally, I passed out and my jaw slacked off just enough to pry the ball out of my mouth and let me breath again.

    It was a close call. A trip to Emerg, just to make sure. And the last time a golf ball was a kids toy in our house. Even with supervision. Both my parents were just feet away and this still happened.

    Please make that golf ball dissapear. She may be mad for a few minutes, but that sure beats an accident. The tennis balls are a good size!

  4. Cajun Asian Chronicles September 16, 2011 at 06:59 #

    You should all dress like pirates as a family and have contests to see who brings home the greatest “acquisition” of the day

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