Knock me over with a chainsaw. My husband kinda sorta did a post.

We had a terrifying day yesterday. All of us are sick even though the hummingbird and I had just gotten over the colds we had a week or so ago. The little hummingbird exhibited the same symptoms like she did back in July and on Sunday she was having tremors and convulsions followed by crying that lasted several minutes.

The last time this happened in July, the doctor told us that she had a double ear infection and the pain from it was what most likely caused the tremors. It is scary as hell to see your baby girl shaking and scared because she doesn’t know what’s going on and my heart still isn’t back in my chest.

We rushed her to urgent care and we’re told that she does in fact have a double ear infection. She’s on meds and I hope they kick in soon because seeing her feel so bad kills me.

Since I was just as terrified as the little hummingbird when it came to her tremors and screaming, comic relief was needed and later on my hubby got into the Peeny action to make me feel better and sent me these photos along with the captions.

The first one he did is because there are times when he’ll do things absent-mindedly, like put the butter in the silverware drawer instead of back in the fridge. He also didn’t realize awhile back that when he opened up the fridge, our kitten Penny sneaked in and he closed the door with her locked in.

It wasn’t until I came downstairs a few minutes later and heard her meowing that we found her in there. Instead of using his real name in the captions he wrote, he’ll be known as “buttmunch”.

Help! Buttmunch had a senior moment and put me in the fridge!

I’ll get Buttmunch back by having sex with his beloved Santas!

I’ll do it – I’ll jump!

I didn’t think those photos would get released – now I’m swimming with the fishes.


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  1. Notmyyearoff November 24, 2011 at 06:12 #

    I hope she’s a lot better now. A double infection sounds nasty!

    That santa looks a bit …err, naughty!
    Notmyyearoff recently posted..Something I Am Proud OfMy Profile

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