If you’ve ever wanted to throw a pinecone at someone then this is for you.


Over at the group website, A Nervous Tic Motion, we’ll be starting something this Wednesday called Wineconed Wednesdays. It’s for anyone out there who instead of giving the finger, would love to throw some pinecones at someone who’s been pissing them off.

Husband driving you crazy? Winecone them. Somebody cut you off on the freeway? Kapow! They’re Wineconed. In-laws making you mental? What’s that I hear?..Boom, Wineconed.

It started with Pineconed!…then changed to Wineconed because who doesn’t like wine? You have the choice of emailing me at anervousticmotion1 at gmail dot com and telling me who’s been ticking see what I did there you off or you can leave a comment on A Nervous Tic Motion on Wednesday and vent your frustrations.

If you go the email route then just let me know if you want to be kept anonymous.

Here’s an example of wineconing someone.

Just last night I went to run and take a shower while the hummingbird was eating dinner. When I went back downstairs, my husband was giving her vanilla wafers and her dinner plate was still full.

I was like what are you doing? and he said well, she didn’t want to eat her dinner so she *had* to have something.

See, I wanted to winecone him then and there. He gave her cookies for dinner. *facepalm*

I’m sure after the Thanksgiving holiday there will be people wanting to throw pinecones at crazy family members so even after Wednesday, feel free to come on over and Wincone them.

Winecone the Bear will help you throw those pinecones.


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  1. Catherine November 22, 2011 at 08:19 #

    I love this idea. And I also want to winecone my husband when he’s left alone with the twins for 15 minutes while I go frikken WASH! Is that such a crime? Apparently. I am often torn between…..please do it my way because it’s the right way…..and…….let him do it his way because at least he’s not a deadbeat dad.
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