Dexter wrap up review: Get Gellar


My hubby and I are huge fans of the show Dexter and although I planned on doing this at the beginning of this new season, I’m a procrastinator so I’m starting this on the 9th episode out of 12.

Better late than never?

My wrap up review of Dexter probably won’t be the wordy type of review despite me being so wordy when it comes to everything else I write. I’m actually writing this part beforehand so as soon as I watch it, I can just write down what stuck out in my mind afterwards. And I have a notepad.

The little hummingbird is battling bedtime tonight so this isn’t getting off to a good start.

Just a word of warning, there might be some profanity because I’m going to write down whatever pops into my brain when I watch it. Also, if you watch the show and haven’t seen this episode yet, there might be spoilers.

Dexter: Get Gellar

 The Opening.

Every time I see that blood orange, it makes me want one. They are awesome.

Okay, Dexter shaves but when he walks out of his apartment, he has a 5 o’ clock shadow. I’m thinking he’s related to Teen Wolf.

Show starts.

Oooh, Dexter is in his Henley shirt and black gloves. I would so hit that.

When I see Tom Hanks son, I expect him to break out in his dad’s “Big” piano routine.

I want Dex’s laptop.

It has to be awkward whenever Dex and Deb had to be in scenes together since they we’re going through a divorce in real life.

Quinn…Yeah, baby! If you haven’t seen him in the movie The Hole, check it out. And no, it’s not some porno.

Masuka kicks ass. “When it comes to matters of the heart, always follow your d*ck.” Such poetry.

Hilarious! Whoops, Quinn. “Oh my gawd, we took pictures”

Throwdown with Quinn and Batista.

“He’s kind of a self-important asshole and I like him.” ~ Dexter

Dexter’s rolling out the plastic. Awesome!

Whenever I see Edward James Olmos, who I think is bad ass, the Miami Vice theme song runs through my head. That and Selenaaaa! Love that movie and have watched it about a billion times.

Ewwww, Rip Casey. No! Don’t open up his stomach!

Holy Shit. Bloodbath, literally.

I love waking up to a severed hand in the bathroom sink in the morning.

“I don’t want a chair, I want a table.” ~ Deb


Watch out, Dexter!

Don’t go down there, Dex.

Wth? Can’t you hear me through the television?

What The F*ck?!!!!! Oh My Gawd!!!!! I didn’t see that coming.


So, what did we learn on this episode of Dexter? I have no effing clue because I can’t get over the ending. Holy hell in a hot pocket!

The End.

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  1. Michelle November 28, 2011 at 10:11 #

    Um, I was also yelling at the TV “don’t go down there!” and then sat, with my mouth hanging open for several minutes before looking at my husband and saying “did that really just happen??” I freaking love that show!!
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