Wineconed Wednesday

It’s that time of week again….Wineconed Wednesday! If someone or something is making you pull your hair out, Winecone them. If your feeling the love then give them a Smackaroo. Go on over to A Nervous Tic Motion and leave your Winecones and Smackaroos in the comment section. Or you can stick around and leave them here in the comments.


My Winecones of the week are that I’m sick again, drivers who ride your ass, and the ones who won’t let you merge onto the freeway. We stayed home for Thanksgiving and because of that, I don’t have many Winecones to throw.

I’m throwing out Smackaroos to my daughter who can drive me crazy but she’s the love of my life. I’m also sending a long distance Smackaroo to my mom who I miss dearly. Mwah!

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