The Knock Knock Monty.


The good news: I didn’t do it, my husband did. The bad news: the little hummingbird will probably never be able to hear someone knocking on the door ever again.

A few weekends ago the little hummingbird didn’t want to nap and she was running around in her room. I’m not giving up on her naps yet because on the days that she doesn’t have one, by 4 pm she looks stoned and starts nodding off. All that’s missing is a bag of Cheetos.

My hubby was working in the office with the door closed and she didn’t know it. I finally gave up on any hope for her getting a nap and opened up the safety gate on her doorway that keeps her from causing total chaos upstairs.

She ran out of her room and headed straight to mine saying bear? bear?

Not long ago I wrote a post saying how Little Bear is much better than her Caillou obsession she had but it’s getting to where there are times I wouldn’t mind putting that damn bear on my husband’s barbecue grill and making bear kabobs but, and this is just a guess, bear probably tastes gamey.

Not that I’ve put much thought into it.

Anyway, she was running back and forth between her bedroom and mine when she heard this knocking coming from the office. She ran to me scared out of her mind and crying.

My hubby knocked on the office door to let the hummingbird know that he was in there but it totally backfired and since then she has been talking about the knock knock monster and it has freaked her out.

I keep on assuring her that there’s no such thing and it was just her dad but she’s not buying it.

Since she’s 2, the way she says it is the knock knock monty and when I hear monty I think of the full monty and then I start thinking of several penises flopping around and knocking on doors so yeah, that is kind of scary.

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2 Responses to The Knock Knock Monty.

  1. Marianna Annadanna December 3, 2011 at 16:41 #

    Oh the poor thing! When I was little mom bought me a Talking Teddy Ruxbin doll and I was TERRIFIED of it. So she replaced it with a talking Big Bird and I was apparently fine with that. Go figure.
    Marianna Annadanna recently posted..How do I get a personal shopper?My Profile

  2. Catherine December 5, 2011 at 06:51 #

    This is too funny. Strange what they decide to be afraid of, right? And now her fears were validated! My favorite image was the full knock knock monty.
    Catherine recently posted..Christmas Specials!!! It Begins Again…..My Profile

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