The little hummingbird will go all ninja on your ass if you mess with our Christmas lights.

My hubby put up our Christmas lights last week and the hummingbird calls them Sabby (Santa) lights. He also put up our tree with just the lights for now since our cats, Maisy and Penny, are hell bent on messing with our tree.

We have this thing called a scat mat around the tree but the little buttheads have already figured out how to move it.

Every morning when the hummingbird and I go downstairs and into the living room, she gets so excited to see the Sabby lit tree. She even dresses for the occasion in her Santa clothes.


She’s protective of the lights on our house and would probably ram a stick where the sun doesn’t shine if you messed with them.


Once she sees that you’re not a threat, she goes back to being her cute little hummingbird self.


Say Cheese!


While looking through the photos, I found this one and I can’t believe this was 2 years ago. *sniff*


I’m putting up this pic for the hell of it. My little girl never. stops. moving. Holy hell in a hot pocket! This is what she’s like all of the time. I think she comes into my room when I’m sleeping and sucks all of my energy out of me. She sure is a hummingbird on crack.


Just like her mom, the hummingbird LOVES music. Her favorite Christmas songs at the moment are Jingle Bells by Pomplamoose (which we have to hear several times every morning so she can dance around).

She also loves Jack Conte’s (who’s part of Pomplamoose) Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

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