Peeny’s Congressional Hearing

Peeny went to Congress earlier this week to see what he could do to help the economy. Luckily I was there to take the photos.

Peeny proposes they tax all non-Peeny Christmas decorations.

It looks like Senator Sock Monkey had too many martinis at lunch again.

Wait a sec. He’s back up.

Nope. It looks like Senator Sock Monkey is going to be out for a while.

Senator Lucy the Horse and Senator Penny the Kitten aren’t afraid to show their love and in doing so they’re able to pass a law making gay marriage legal in the entire U.S. Yay!

On the way to celebrate, Peeny and his translator Ms. Molly the Pup (all Peeny’s speak the language of love) get lost.

Ruh roh!

They’re fine and they end up falling in love and having several Peeny pups.

 The End.

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  1. c December 26, 2011 at 07:19 #

    LOL that is hilarious…

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