What In The Elle?

The votes are in and What In The Elle? is the new name for This Is Mommyhood. The change will be gradual and I’ll probably keep my original blog name for my Facebook page or else then I’ll have to start a new page from scratch and I’m a lazy ass when it comes to that.

My hubby and I were talking about the name change and I was telling him that while I’m excited to have the name change, at the same time it feels weird even though I’m doing it since I write about so much more than just mommyhood.

That’s when he asked if I gave the option for people to vote that I keep the original name and I said effity eff, nope, I didn’t even think about that. D’oh! So, if I end up keeping the original name after all of this, please don’t turn into a zombie, sneak into my house, and eat my brains.


 I’ve been thinking about doing a post a week about different things that have been going on in my world. Who wouldn’t want to know nobody what dorky argument my hubby and I had that week, what movies and music I’m listening to, what’s been happening with the hummingbird, etc.

Let’s get rolling….

The dorkiest argument me and the hubs got into this week. – I thought my hubby had two weeks off for the holidays and while he was starting to drive me crazy, we’ve been sick and he didn’t tell me he was going back to work until the night before. I felt like death and our awesome sitter wasn’t available. I wanted to strangle him since there was no way I could keep up with my 2-year-old because I was so sick.

Then he told me that he wrote that he was going back to work on the kitchen calendar. Um, okay, that really helps….not! I asked him why he didn’t just tell me and then we went back and forth over it. There was more to it but even in the middle of the argument I was thinking how I couldn’t believe that we were arguing over something like this. The joys of marriage.

Husbands….can’t live with them, can’t strangle them.

Being sick – I have a double ear infection/sinus infection combo. Yay me! I don’t normally get so many colds but this has been a banner year for me. It feels like I’ve been sick forever and I’ve been thinking how I take advantage of feeling healthy.

Since the Nyquil is starting to kick my butt, I’ll wrap up my blabbering.

Movies–  I really suck at giving reviews to anything and instead I usually say that so and so is effing awesome and you have to see it but I’ll try my best. I’ve been stuck in bed and watching movies since I’m sick.

It’s gotten intense since the Nyquil is taking over and there was a spirited battle of rock, paper, scissors but the Nyquil won this round and will be doing most of the writing.

I love all kinds of movies but I’ve been so out of the loop since the little hummingbird was born so I’m either too exhausted to stay up and watch a dvd with the hubby by the time she’s in bed or just too busy.

This probably only makes sense to me but my favorite movies are beautifully depressing ones. They’re beautifully acted, directed, and filmed but they’re not always the most feel good type of movies. Most of them relate to real life and there’s usually not a happy ending involved.

House of Sand and Fog. This movie is absolute perfection in my opinion and came out in 2003. It has Jennifer Connelly, Ben Kingsley, Shohreh Aghdashloo (who plays Ben Kingsley’s wife and is incredible in the film), Jonathan Ahdout (who plays his son), and Ron Eldard who did a really good job at being a douche in the film.

It starts out with a simple premise. A woman gets evicted from her house because of a mistake and a man buys the house at an auction. Throughout the movie, things just keep on escalating because of the woman trying to get her house back and then near the ending….well, I can’t give it away.

This is a must see movie, one that I’ve seen countless times because I think it’s such an amazing film.


Candy. Just a warning. This movie can be very disturbing at times and it has drug use and prostitution in it so make sure the kiddies are in bed.

This movie came out in 2006 and has Heath Ledger as Dan, Abbie Cornish as Candy, and Geoffrey Rush as Casper. The film has three sections…Heaven, Earth, and Hell. It’s shows Dan and Candy diving deeper into Herion use.

Needless to say the film is dark but the actors are incredible and seamless. I had plenty to write about this movie but I don’t want to give out any spoilers. All I can say is just see it. That is if you like beautifully depressing films.


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3 Responses to What In The Elle?

  1. Monica DeLaCruz December 31, 2011 at 06:32 #

    hahahahahaha! indecision is the BEST thing in life! LOVE it!!! i did really like “this is mommyhood!!!” the beauty of that title is that ‘mommyhood’ is so many things and it really does completely encompass your outlook on basically everything. i think everything you write about is in a way – mommyhood. okay. so, that probably doesn’t make any sense, but i am so enjoying your blog that i don’t care! hope you and little one have great health in the new year. happy tonight and tomorrow. :o) p.s. – i, too, love those types of movies. have to be in the mood, though and hubby hates them – so have to be alone. will put those on my list. and it is so refreshing to see that there is another person out there who watches movies that old!!! sorry for the long, stalkerish comment. ;o)

    • Elle December 31, 2011 at 14:50 #

      I swear you’re in my mind 😉 ….that’s what I was thinking with mommyhood is that I still have so many layers even after becoming a mom. I guess I was just itching for a change but who knows, I’ll probably end up sticking with the name.

      This is probably why you shouldn’t make decisions when you’re really sick and you’re dr. has prescribed loopy meds. Lol!

      And your comment isn’t stalkerish at all, I love the feedback. 🙂

      Happy New Year, girl! xx

  2. MommyK January 1, 2012 at 23:16 #

    Once you have a kid your a mom forever and you will live in mommyhood forever. I will read even if your blog goes nameless, because you make the blog not the name. Happy New Years!
    MommyK recently posted..Welcome 2012!My Profile

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