I’ll let you in on a little secret…my hubby hates that I write.

My husband has never liked that I write. When I started back in July of 2010, his only request was anonymity but I don’t think he expected me to keep up the blogging for this long. Or for it to start going as far as it has been.

It has nothing to do with what I write or what I say about his parents, it’s more that I like to set aside time to write and he becomes, I don’t know, jealous maybe? It’s possible he doesn’t like that my writing takes the time I have away from him or maybe he feels that I’m just wasting my time.

He not a jerk by any manys although he does have some asshole moments but it’s not like he demands I stop and I know he never would. He’s a man of very few words so he doesn’t tell me the exact reasons why it bothers him which drives me crazy.

The thing is though, I’ll read posts to him every now and then that I wrote and I can see that he likes it. He’ll even ask me “Did you post that one thing you wrote yet? Did ya, did ya?” and he becomes excited. I’ll tell him I’m not finished with it yet and then he’ll seem so bummed out.

When I started my group website, A Nervous Tic Motion, he was less than thrilled. Well more like really pissed.

I think after all this time he’s finally coming around…. even if it’s just a tad. When he does something dorky, one of the first things he says is well, there’s a blog post for you.

For Christmas he gave me a card and when you lift Santa out of the chimney, he farts. How romantic, right? ha! My husband looked at me and said you have to mention the card in a post.

Even if he’s not getting used to it, as my mom would say, tough titties. Writing makes me happy. I’ve met some amazing people from blogging so I’m here to stay.

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