What do you give a 2 year old who was traumatized by the Easter Bunny last year? A big ass stuffed bunny.

After taking the little hummingbird to see the Easter Bunny last year and getting this reaction from her…

We vowed to never take her again and the hummingbird has banned all bunnies. This pic was emailed to both of our families but I guess one relative it wasn’t from my side of the family didn’t take the hummingbird’s bunny ban seriously and the Bunny Apocalypse of 2012 has already taken place.

It was stuffed in a big box so when we opened it, all we saw was pink fur until the hummingbird grabbed it out of the box and she came face to face with The Bunninator.


The bunny usually plays musical rooms all day and at night it somehow it’s my hubby’s doing ends up on our bed. Last night we were both way too tired to move so the bunny stayed on our bed and watched over us. It’s creepy to have a stuffed rabbit look down on you all night. It’s some Poltergeist shit except that was a freaky ass clown.

And while I’m on the subject…kinda….sorta…I’ll never understand giving a toddler or any kid a ginormous stuffed animal. This same relative gave the hummingbird a HUGE stuffed Elmo the year before and it’s still bigger than her.

She can’t cuddle up with it at night since it won’t fit in her bed, she can’t carry it around, and she can’t really play with it unless she gets sick of body slamming me and then Elmo has a use but it’s not very often because my kid loves kicking my ass and using me as a jungle gym.

The big ass Elmo just sits on her toy box all day and I found out the hard way that he talks when you squeeze his stomach. I was trying to stuff him in a garbage bag so I could put it in a closet without the hummingbird knowing and all of a sudden out comes Elmo Loooooves Youuu!

Holy f*cking hell.

It’s safe to say I jumped back a few feet.


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4 Responses to What do you give a 2 year old who was traumatized by the Easter Bunny last year? A big ass stuffed bunny.

  1. Izzy January 20, 2012 at 20:40 #

    I assume people give giant stuffed animals for the same reason they give noisy toys…to torture you. 🙂
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    • Elle January 20, 2012 at 22:39 #

      Aha, I didn’t think about that. Now it makes total sense because the relative is my sister-in-law who is so much like my MIL that it’s scary. 😀

  2. Monica DeLaCruz January 21, 2012 at 05:48 #

    ginrormous stuffed animals scare me, too. i understand completely. and i agree with the previous commenter. it’s a little like giving “noisy toys” to kids whose parents you want to torture. ;o)

  3. Melissa January 22, 2012 at 06:50 #

    Too funny!

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