This post blows. What? No, not that blow. And not the other blow either but I just got a Brazillian Blowout earlier today and I’m sure you can guess what my husband was calling it.

I’m on my billionth sinus infection since last year and while I thought I was going to get out of it without surgery, now it looks like I’m going to be put under the knife. I just had a CT scan done this week and my ENT doctor told me last night that by the looks of the scan and if it was up to her then she would have me in the OR right now.

But I have insurance that likes to pick at their buttcrack for a while before they approve referrals. It’s basically a huge, inflammed mess up in my nose. Not to be confused with a huge, inflammed mess up in my ass. But don’t fret. I’m sure if there was something wrong with my ass, you’d be reading about it.

I know. TMI. That’s me!

So now I’m on my 4th (or is it the 5th one?) antibiotic and I’m taking the steroid Prednisone. Oh. My. Gawd. I’m only on my third day of it and I feel like I already have roid rage. I’m sure my husband is thrilled because I’m also pms’ing so yay for him!

My doctor called the big guns at Stanford and as soon as my insurance clears the way. I might actually get my sinus problems resolved.

I still can’t get over the crappy medical care I received at a military hospital a few years ago which is why I’m having problems now. When I would tell my doctor there that something is really wrong with my sinuses, he would look up my nose with that horrible ice pick scope and say everything’s fine and I just need to blow my nose.


It took over a year and a move to the west coast before I was told that I have scar tissue from a previous sinus surgery completely blocking my sinuses on the left side of my face.

Last year at this time I had my second sinus surgery to repair the complications caused by the first one but I can do without making this a yearly tradition. It’s already getting me in a panic and since I’m the queen of panic attacks, I’ve found that spending some time on Peenterest Pinterest helps take my mind off of things. Well that and some xanax.

Oh, I can’t forget Trader Joe’s cocoa truffles. That will cure anything. The truffles get all melty in your mouth and it tastes like rich hot chocolate. They’re orgasmic chocolate truffles.

Pinterest, xanax, and orgasmic truffles is how I roll on a Saturday night. I’m such a wild woman. Yee Haw!

On to the movie and music of the week….


The World According To Garp –  With Robin Williams, Glenn Close, John Lithgow, and Mary Beth Hurt. I first saw this movie when I was younger and it’s been one my favorites since. It’s so good…just watch the damn movie. :^)





MC Solaar – Caroline

I was chilling, sitting on a bench, It was spring, and Two lovers gather daisies. Overdosed on tenderness They play like children I love you a little… lots… madly passionate… But after a deception of the heart, My good mood became brutal But to hate another is not our right Chernobyl Cherno–[im]becile Jealousy’s radioactive.

Caroline was a friend, a super fine girl I think again of her, of us, of our vanilla ice creams Of her cravings for strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, Of her endless talk, of her tacky style. I’m the ace of clubs that trumps [spade] your heart The ace of clubs that trumps your heart… The ace of clubs that trumps your heart… Caroline…

Like the four-leaf clover [spade], I seek your happiness, I’m the man who fell in time to take your heart Let’s not gamble with this Caro [diamond], this message comes from the heart,

A pyramid of kisses, A storm of friendship, A wave of feeling, A cyclone of softness, An ocean of thoughts, Caroline, I offered you a bâtiment of tenderness.

My fears are deep blue, The red army is on my tail I took out green bills for you, I had to move to prevail, Fire-starter of your heart, Fighter-pilot of your fears, I offered you a symphony of colours.

She left, masochist, with an old macho, That she’d met in a station on the metro When I see them hand-in-hand smoking the same cigarette, I feel a flush in her heart, but she daren’t say a word. I’m the ace of clubs that trumps your heart The ace of clubs that trumps your heart… The ace of clubs that trumps your heart… Caroline…

MC Claude on the microphone, with a love story ragamuffin style To tell you about a girl-friend called Caroline She was my girl, my hit, she was my vitamin, My drug, my dope, my coke, my crack, and my amphetamine Caroline… I think of her again, cosmopolitan, 20 years young and pretty, Let me rewind the film on life’s video player, Should I admit, for her tears have fallen – Ocular haemorrhage…

A toast to our friendship, To the past, the present, and I hope of the future, I passed to be present in your future This life’s a game of cards, And Paris [bet] a casino, I’m with the reds, heart, Caro [diamond].

I’m the ace of clubs that trumps your heart… Caro, The ace of clubs that trumps your heart… The ace of clubs that trumps your heart… Caroline…

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