My antidepressant has made my downtown lady depressed. *cue the more you know rainbow*

After being on an antidepressant for the last several months, my lady friend down south is not a happy camper. I know that’s one of the side effects but c’mon, you’d think that by now they would’ve come up with something to help liven up a woman’s Southern lady.

So, I can either be depressed and have my sex drive fall off a cliff or I can be on medication and have my sex drive be obsolete. Yay!

I’ve gone so long without sex that I think my virginity grew back. Too bad I didn’t regain my bladder control too.

I tried a lower dose of my medication but it didn’t go well. I’m still not at a place where I can do that yet.

My doctor really thinks the med I’m on is the best for me since it’s for depression and anxiety.

I was on a 30 Day Shred kick, hoping more exercise would help, but recently I’ve been working out for a few minutes and then giving up. I go and grab some chips or ice cream and I watch while Jillian Michaels and her exercise buddies sweat their asses off. Better them than me, right? bwahahaha

I got a $30 bottle of an herbal supplement at Whole Foods that’s supposed to help a woman’s libido but it hasn’t worked. It would probably help if I opened the bottle and actually took it though.  ;^)

Even though I talk to my therapist about everything else, it’s hard to bring up the loss of my sex drive. Instead I write about it and send it off into the interwebs because that’s how I roll.

So, here’s a question to you dear readers. If you’ve been on an antidepressant at one time or another and your sex drive became non-existant, did you just wait it out? Shots of Vodka? If you’d like to answer privately then please don’t hesitate to email me. When it comes to my hubby, I really want to tap that.


**Make sure to check out the new website What The Flicka? that was founded by actress Felicity Huffman and where I’m a contributing writer. For weeks I’ve been dying to say something but I was afraid I’d jinx it.

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9 Responses to My antidepressant has made my downtown lady depressed. *cue the more you know rainbow*

  1. Sarah March 1, 2012 at 09:04 #

    Change antidepressants! This is a legitimate complaint!! Celexa did that to me, so they switched me to Lexapro. Basically the same drug but with fewer side effects (so why the hell do they bother with the Celexa then?? I have NO idea). Paxil was bad but it’s an old drug and maybe they don’t even use it anymore. Wellbutrin was good for me with no sexual side effects. Every person metabolizes drugs differently, so you may have to try different ones before you get it right, but definitely do not think that you have to put up with this! Depression sucks enough. Sex should at least be good.

  2. heather March 1, 2012 at 09:12 #

    Been there… A lot. With some i waited it out. But after a year we had to get really creative. In fact hubby still has to put in a lot of foreplay effort to even get me thinking about sex. So… Think out of the box. Little rendeavouz… Massages. Heck. Who couldn’t do with more full body rubdowns? See where it takes you. If still nada, talk to your therapist. This is important to you so your practioner needs to take this iinto consideration. Hugs and sexy joujous to you and your hubby.
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  3. Angie March 1, 2012 at 10:42 #

    I haven’t been on antidepressants, but I have lost my sex drive to due to birth control. I waited it out. My husband had to be creative to get me in the mood, but the most I managed was once a week. It does suck to lose your sex drive. I hope there is a medication that can help you in both areas!
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  4. Izzy March 1, 2012 at 13:12 #

    Hmmm….Where to start? Well, I have been on 4 antidepressants over the past 9 years. The first two, I was 19, so sex drive was pretty much in full gear. After that I went on Celexa, and it was MISERABLE. Not only was there no drive, I could never…amp up even if I tried. And tried.
    I am currently on Welbutrin XL, and it is SO much better. I too suffer from anxiety, and the
    Welbutrin curbs that a bit. At least it’s better when I am on it then off it. My hubby still has to work a little at it for me sometimes. Not in that way! *head out of gutter* He has to put me in the right frame of mind. So I don’t want to talk about work, or bills or BABIES for the couple of hours leading up to said rendezvous. I hate that that sounds so dang planned, but better planned than none!
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  5. weezafish March 1, 2012 at 14:00 #

    Change drugs definitely. As if a lady on anti depressants needs to lose her mojo also! Go get a new prescription/new opinion/new doctor. Well, … that’s what I would do ..!
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  6. Lindsay @lilloveandluck March 1, 2012 at 19:51 #

    I’ve so been there. I had to do a lot of mental work to get past blocks I didn’t know were there in addition to the extra inhibition my pills were causing. It will get better. It will.

  7. OpinionsToGo March 1, 2012 at 19:56 #

    I think that weezafish has the right idea, something or everything has to change. Easy for Doctors to get a “let’s wait and see” attitude, we’re not talking about their sex lives!

  8. Crescent Roll Goddess March 3, 2012 at 16:58 #

    Second wellbutrin. Also a good book to take your mind off of the actual deed while you are doing it!!
    Crescent Roll Goddess recently posted..Sacraficial balloons and Pillsbury love!My Profile

  9. Rae March 7, 2012 at 11:39 #

    Oh lord, do i ever hear you. I was just out on a mom’s night last week where we talked about this, as well. The universal opinion seems to be “try toys!” and “Make a deal, you get happy first”, but while for me, neither the spirit nor the flesh is willing. I WANT to want to, but the mind and the body are just not connecting.

    Pre-baby, I was on the same meds as now, Effexor, 150mg and didn’t have these side effects. Post-baby, erogenous zones seem to have changed completely and Hubby just hasn’t got it, despite talking, shoving hands away, and shuddering convulsively when he goes straight for my nips. We’ve added Wellbutrin XR 150 in the morning to try and revive the sex drive, but still no luck.

    I don’t know the answers, but did want to wish you good luck on your mission. I hope you find something that works well and allows you the fullness of your life.
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