Random Thoughts and Adele.

• I’m in a writing funk. I have my draft folder filled with unfinished posts but can’t seem to get anywhere with them. That’s why I’ve been getting a food blog started and have been doing more recipes lately.

• I fucking love Adele! I’ve been living under a rock for the past 3 years, close to four if you count pregnancy brain, and I just recently started listening to her. Today I was driving home, blaring Rumour Has It, and got carried away. I was singing my lungs out and I didn’t notice any cars around me. I was really bringing my car dance moves home when I started to shimmy my chest. Then I looked over and saw a guy in a truck that had pulled up next to me and he was staring. I thought I would die of embarrassment.

• Right this instant I’m watching Scream.

• The little hummingbird is sick and I’m on high alert with her blood sugar since that was the cause of her week hospital stay back in March. The three of us were so sick at the time and then her blood sugar dropped. This low blood sugar issue has been weighing heavily on me for the past few months because the doctors don’t know why the hummingbird’s blood sugar gets so low when she gets something like a bad cold. It feels like I’m holding my breath every time she’s sick because I’m terrified of what could happen if it drops in the middle of the night.

• I’m currently reading Mrs. Kennedy and Me by former secret service agent Clint Hill. I’ve been loving it. He was the agent who ran to the car after President Kennedy was shot.

• I fucking LOVE Adele. *shimmy shimmy*

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2 Responses to Random Thoughts and Adele.

  1. Mandi, the Sassy Fit Mom May 25, 2012 at 21:51 #

    haha! I sometimes get carried away when a song that I enjoy is on the radio and I know the other drivers probably think I’m totally nuts! So glad to see I”m not the only one.. and oh yeah I love Adele too, I just recently started listening to her and Rolling the Deep is my favorite song.

    So glad I found your blog–I think it’s hilarious. Look forward to reading more 🙂

    Mandi, the Sassy Fit Mom recently posted..Fab Friday {Mommy gets a break & a drink}My Profile

    • Elle May 27, 2012 at 08:56 #

      I have some pretty awesome car dance moves for Rolling in the Deep too. 😉

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