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Some of this may be happening. Not everyone wants to be heard as well as read.

*Here’s Adam with an awesome announcement…..

I would imagine that the vast majority of you were not around in the 1920’s. If you were, you lived through a great many noteworthy events, not the least of which being the advent of talking pictures and the cinema revolution that followed. If you want to see a stylized Hollywood retelling of that transition you could always watch Singing In The Rain, although I’m not sure how accurate that retelling was. Most recently the Martin Scorsese film Hugo took a celebratory look at the history of cinema and film (worth watching if you are a lover of film or Martin Scorsese movies).

Yes, but Adam … why are you rambling on about black and white movies and something that happened almost 100 years ago?

Because it’s happening again and you get to witness it! I’m going to work with some people and try to get an A Nervous Tic Motion podcast going here … host it on iTunes perhaps so you can subscribe and get a weekly digest of the posts, and give you multiple ways to consume your favorite blog. You may also find it on each post if you have an aversion to reading or just prefer the dulcet tones of our voices to silent words on a screen.

If you like this idea and want to see more of it here or elsewhere, please take a moment to leave a comment or message an administrator and let us know your thoughts. Any and all input is welcome.

And if you want to hire us to do voiceover work on your next Animated film … that’s cool too.

*Come on over to A Nervous Tic and check out Adam’s (and A Nervous Tic Motion’s) first podcast. I can’t wait to do one too!

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