I have junk in my trunk. Okay, in my purse.

I love to window shop online, especially for purses and shoes that I can’t afford because then it wouldn’t be as much fun. Even if I could afford it, it would be odd to spend that kind of money on a purse. Okay, now that I think about it, I could live with at least one of these purses.

A few months ago I saw a bag that I fell in love with but it was $489 bucks. Eeeek!

When I was at Target recently, I found the Mossimo purse below that had the same (fake) soft leather but was only around $30. I took the feather off because to me it looked like I had a little dead bird hanging from my bag. :^)

Here are some pretty “dream” purses. I’m sure it’s not at all obvious that I have a little crush on Gucci.

 Gucci Limited Edition UNICEF Cuir Diamante Sukey Satchel $1,430


Gucci Sunset Medium Leather Tote $1,290


Gucci ‘Joy’ Medium Tote $685


Coach ‘Signature Spotlight’ Tote $268


Gucci GG Fabric ‘Sukey’ Medium Tote $835


Prada Vittelo Daino N/S Tote 1,095

Gucci Large Sukey GG Flecked Fabric Tote $940

What are some of your dream purses? 

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One Response to I have junk in my trunk. Okay, in my purse.

  1. kianwi June 17, 2012 at 17:00 #

    Ooooh, those are wonderful. I window shop like that, too. I fill up my online shopping cart with beautiful bags and shoes, and then abandon the cart without putting anything away. 🙂

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