Snowman socks in July.

Last week when I dropped my daughter off at preschool, she was wearing a Christmas shirt that said fa la la and a pink flower sunhat. A few weeks ago, my husband took her with him to Home Depot and she didn’t want to leave the house without her bright pink tutu and sparkly pink shoes with a cupcake pajama shirt.

She has more costume changes a day than the Spice Girls concert my younger sister dragged me to eons ago. I think I’m doing more laundry now than when she was a baby and I’m sure there will only be even more laundry in the future.

Since last year, she’s been obsessed with Santa Clause (Sabby to her) and way before that, she developed a love for hats.

Letting my 3 year-old pick out her own clothes (I do help guide her at times) was something I never gave any thought to before I became a mom. I mostly remember my mom picking out my clothes through most of grammer school.

I get her clothes online so ultimately, I pick them out, but she puts her outfits together. Before that, I found that trying to get my child out of the house without the “right” hat or jacket was a no win situation for both of us so I started to let her have her say.

There’s so much that my husband and I control in our daughter’s life and this is one way of expressing herself. So what if I may be slightly embarrassed that she’s wearing a Christmas shirt in July and worry what her teachers at preschool might think. Seeing the pride she has when she can say she dressed herself makes up for it.

The one time we really got some strange looks was last Halloween. The little hummingbird only wanted to go as “Sabby”. I loved that idea (plus she already had a Santa costume for months already) and my husband even got into it, maybe a little too much, by getting a Santa Clause costume for himself.

Sure we got stares our way and really confused the hell out of the other kids trick or treating but the three of us had a great time.

So, if you see a little girl wearing Frosty The Snowman socks, with shorts, and a candy cane t-shirt, you’ll know whose kid it is.

Hmmm, maybe adults should try this out too. It might be hard to get annoyed with daily activities wearing snowman socks.

Do you pick out your child’s daily outfits or do they?

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6 Responses to Snowman socks in July.

  1. Stephanie July 2, 2012 at 12:43 #

    On an exceptional day I can pick out my 3-year old daughter’s clothes. On a good day I can give her a couple of choices and she will pick one. Most days she discards whatever I pick out because it’s not “pretty” and proceeds to pick out something oddball (and usually pink). I try to let her wear what she wants most days. If she’s dressed in a reasonable amount of time I don’t care what it looks like. She’s even gone out of the house wearing two entirely different shoes. I have had to let her learn things like winter boots in June ARE way too hot, but she’s a pretty quick study.

    My 5-year old son will wear whatever I set out. He does. not. care.

  2. Lily from It's A Dome Life July 2, 2012 at 14:18 #

    My husband dresses our daughter in Christams pajamas and out they go for the day. She just turned two. I am really looking forward to seeing what she picks out for herself considering her father is color blind and can’t tell the difference between pajamas and regular clothing and I am probably the poster child for that show “what not to wear.” I have a feeling our daughter is going to be a fashionista of some kind or another just like she loves Country Music and nobody else in the family does. People always say, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” In our case it’s like our daughter fell from a neighbor’s tree, but in a completely lucky-for-her kind of way. I think your daughter sounds adorable and I am sure she is only going to improve with age! Sorry you have to do so much laundry though – I totally feel your pain on that one!

  3. Leesepea July 2, 2012 at 14:23 #

    Most days I can pretty much pick something out and my 3 year-old daughter will wear it. Sometimes she puts in a request (purple pants!) and I’ll coordinate the rest. Often it’s based around what I’m wearing – If I have a dress on, she wants a dress. If I have a brown shirt on, she wants her outfit to be brown. We don’t exactly match but often do look like we’re wearing the same color palette. Bizarre thing? Sometimes my mom will show up for a play date wearing the same colors as we are without any contact beforehand. Shoes are sometimes a battle and I’ve had to toss out ones that are getting too small and create blisters on her heels, but more often than not it’s that she doesn’t want to leave the house in general rather than a fight about which shoes she’d prefer.
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  4. Angie July 2, 2012 at 18:52 #

    My daughter likes to pick out her own clothes, and put them on. I let her wear her shirt backwards or inside out, but my husband doesn’t like it. She loves to wear winter hats in the middle of the summer. I figure it is good to let them express themselves. I think it is great that your daughter has a passion and loves to share it with everyone!
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  5. Alyssa July 3, 2012 at 09:26 #

    I still cringe a bit when my boys dress themselves, but I also decided a while ago that it wasn’t worth the fight. So, the shorts with the long sleeve shirt and black socks in July… I just let it go. Your daughter is adorable!
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  6. Stephenie Stone July 3, 2012 at 18:57 #

    I pick out my son’s clothes and for a while he was somewhat interested…but then he decided he really didn’t care. But I have heard girls (especially busy ones) are all about that. My friend has a 6 year old daughter who is as strong headed as my son and her outfit combos are pretty outrageous…and cute!
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