Total Recall: The Little Hummingbird’s View

For the little hummingbird’s 1st Halloween, we dressed her up as Bob Marley. Her 2nd was as little red riding hood. Her 3rd was as Santa Claus.

This year she know’s what’s going on…kinda sorta… and she insists on being a princess. My husband and I were hoping she would either go as a Cheez-It box (him) or as a paper shredder injury victim (me), but princess it is.

It got me thinking of when we made the huge mistake of dressing her up as little red riding hood. OMG, all of us are still traumatized because we made the hummingbird wear tights. THE HORROR!


First posted on November 3, 2010.

Hi everybody, it’s the little hummingbird here! My mama is sitting next to me watching the Sister Wives reunion show on the DVR. Talk about a bunch of cry babies. My mama thinks I’m sitting here watching videos of Elmo on her laptop.

I know a lot of people had their Halloween pictures up by the next day but I have small hands so it makes it difficult to type. Plus I don’t even know what it means to upload photos. If I can’t chew it or grab it then it’s not worth my time. I’m only 18 months old so cut me a little slack.

My mama and daddy thought it would be so cute to dress me up as lil’ red riding hood for Halloween. They were like paparrazi coming after me. I tried to escape every chance I got when it came to them taking pictures. My parents thought it would be soooo easy to get a few quick photos of me. Well think again….hehehe.

Seriously, I can’t work in these conditions. Didn’t you people read my contract? I asked for a swirly straw for my water. Not a bendy one. hmph!
See ya later, alligator!
Daddy’s iPad is so much better than that basket they wanted me to carry.
Papa Paparazzi……
Let me outta here! These tights are starting to itch.
Ha! They fell for the whine until I get my way trick. I also magically got my shoes back on.
So not fair! They tricked me back into the living room. Well I’ll just try to get out this way. How come this isn’t working? What do you mean I have to open the door first?!
Oh, toys! I’ll just play for a little bit, then make a break for it.
I am so done. You people are crazy. Aren’t there child labor laws?
This is the life! Chillin’ out to the Abc’s sung by India.Arie and Elmo. Now, where’s my swirly straw?!
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  1. Angie October 2, 2012 at 18:51 #

    I love the costume ideas you had for this year! I wish I was that creative. My daughter is going to be Minnie Mouse.
    Angie recently posted..Thank you aviation gods!My Profile

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