The debates…aka… I’d rather stab myself in the face with a screwdriver.

I don’t consider myself very political but then again I am. I’m a walking contradiction with most things. Last election, I was 5 months pregnant and my husband and I were living in Arlington, VA. It was then that I started paying more attention to politics. I’ve always been liberal. I’m pro-choice, for gay marriage, and I’m not religious.

I knew Obama would win last election and even though I was going to vote for him, I actually voted for Ralph Nader instead. I’m so tired of just Republican OR Democrat. There are other political parties out there but it’s always only Republican or Democrat. That really needs to be changed up.

I decided to vote for Ralph Nader because the year before, my husband and I were in a war protest march in September of 2008 and Nader was one of the speakers. He really blew me away and his ideas seemed to actually make sense. They seemed do-able.

I should point out that my husband has been in the military for the last 16 years and was a hardcore republican when I first met him. He actually had the biography of Rush Limbaugh. GASP!

It was almost as bad as the Mariah Carey CD he had. heh.

The longer he was in the Navy, the more liberal he became. People usually seem to assume that since we’re “military” we’re hardcore republican. Nope.

The protest march we went to that day in September 2008 really opened my eyes. I’ll never forget the handful of military men that spoke at the protest. After coming back from war, they came back to the states against the war.

From there we went and marched to the Congress building in D.C. The closer we got to congress, the more protesters we got from the other side. We were called hippies…ooooh, that was intimidating. We were also called smelly hippies. LOL. I couldn’t stop laughing after hearing that one. Fuck everything I believe in. If I’m called a dirty hippie, I’m so changing my mind about the politics I believe in. *snort*

We finally made it to Congress and we’re warned about what could possibly happen next. The protesters we were with were having a lie in so the thousands of us were going to lie down on the ground to represent the lives lost in the war in Iraq.

Because of my husband’s military career, we decided to avoid it but then some of the protesters raised the stakes. They jumped the wall near the congress building, were arrested, and walked up the stairs of the congress building.

Then those military men who were now against the war, jumped the wall as the police zip tied their hands and took them up the steps to the Congress building. I can’t even put it into words but seeing around 100 people being arrested for their beliefs really brought the activist out in me.

 I really have no idea what I’m trying to say in this post other than there needs to be more choices when it comes to president. It just seems like a popularity contest where no matter who’s elected, not much gets done except a lot of arguing between the two popular parties.

After the last election, it really opened my eyes. Yes, my husband is military but no, we’re anything but conservative.

I saw way too many young men at Walter Reed Hospital in D.C with missing arms and legs and seeing that really hit me hard. The most important thing for me is that I want the troops home from war.

They’re risking their lives ever day and it seems like they’ve been forgotten. So, Romney, Obama? Who’s going to bring the troops home to their families?


Here’s a video we shot at the protest…

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5 Responses to The debates…aka… I’d rather stab myself in the face with a screwdriver.

  1. Notmyyearoff October 3, 2012 at 22:44 #

    You smelly hippy!! Hehe can’t believe someone called you that. I don’t know much about politics but over here Romney is never portrayed very well, he’s said some daft stuff hasn’t he? I do hope they pull the troops out soon, finally!! Seems like they’ve been there forever.
    Notmyyearoff recently posted..A Toddler in LondonMy Profile

  2. Angie October 4, 2012 at 05:18 #

    I am tired of the two party system as well, but it seems like nothing will change. I don’t want to vote for either candidate because I don’t think they will really help the country. My husband is military and he affiliates himself with the Libertarian party. After looking into it, I feel I fit into their thinking as well (although I am am more liberal than he is.) I will say i didn’t watch the debate, and I won’t watch future ones. I just don’t believe they will follow through on what they say.
    Angie recently posted..32 weeks is too earlyMy Profile

  3. Sharyn October 4, 2012 at 07:12 #

    I watched. Be glad you didn’t. You described me almost perfectly in the first paragraph, “…liberal… pro-choice, for gay marriage, and I’m not religious.” (Though that last bit is an understatement in my case.) The 2-party system will never change, so I feel I have to work within it. The Dems are only marginally better than the Reps in some (many?) respects but vastly superior when it comes to social issues. Hence they get my vote.

    In other news, if I have my way, we’ll be moving back to NorCal within the next year. Woot!


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