Book Reviews: Bears, Horses, Pirates, and a Princess

I had the honor of being sent four books to review from Random House. Two are timeless classics, one is all about horses, and there’s also one about pirates. AAARRGGHHH!

If I Ran The Horse Show – If you have a budding equestrian in your house, this book all about horses is perfect. The book shows everything from putting on horseshoes and styles of riding, to the different breeds of horses. I’ve loved horses since I was a little girl so this book was a hit with me and my daughter.

A Skipping Day ~ Jake And The Never Land Pirates – This is a really cute book that my daughter loves. The little pirates on Shipwreck Beach have been playing with a jump rope when Captain Hook spots them and insists on getting his hands on it. Hook sneaks onto the beach and steals it away while the pirates foil his plan and get their jump rope back.

Cinderella – Ahhhh, what a classic! This was my 3 year-old’s first time being introduced to Cinderella and now she’s in love with all things princess. The version I got is a step into reading (step 2) reading book so this book will last my daughter awhile and eventually she’ll be able to read it to me!

The Three Bears – This is another favorite with my daughter. Goldilocks is up to mischief when she comes across the bears house and enters while they’re gone. I wonder if there’s a version where the bears end up eating Goldilocks? Hmmm…..

*While I was given these books to review, the opinions are my own.

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  1. Rural Mom AR October 17, 2012 at 17:11 #

    Look for the Grimm brothers version – that’d be the version where she gets eaten. Cinderella’s stepsisters chop off toes and heels to fit the slipper, there’s a lot of gore to their versions. They’re what modern fairy tales would be if we wrote them for the manga-loving teenage male goth crowd.

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