eBook Review: All Hallow’s ABC

When I got this book in my email, I was jumping up and down in my seat and so excited. The little hummingbird wasn’t even around either. I absolutely ADORE this eBook by Jenni Kaye.

It’s ghoulishly good… see what I did there. Yeah? Okay then. *crickets*

All Hallow’s ABC is a Halloween themed book about the ABC’s that is so cute and clever. The author, Jenni Kaye, who’s a mom to a 3 year-old, wrote and illustrated this book in a week. You can find her at Daring Ink Press and at J.K. Mahal.

The little hummingbird and I have enjoyed this book so much. I love Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday, and while I’ve seen and have a few books about the ABC’s for my daughter, this book is a must. I also love that while it’s Halloween themed, it’s not too scary for the little ones.

A is for the apples we’ll bob for tonight. B is for a ghostly boo! We shiver in fright.

Jen is also writing an eBook for us grown ups, YAY!,  called Walking In The Dark, that will be released next year. It’s the first in a 3 part series. I can’t wait!

You can currently get All Hallow’s ABC at Amazon and Barnes and Noble so pick up your copy now! You’ll love it!

*These views and opinions are my own.

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