This is one of the reasons why parents lose their minds.

My dear daughter has loved certain you tube videos over the last few years and I don’t know how I survived each phase.

There was the Elmo duck song, ummmm, let’s see, I can’t even remember what else because I lost my mind years ago by having to watch these videos, not once, but 5,468,672 times.

They may have been cute the first 2,000 times but then they get stuck in my mind and melt my brain.

These 2 videos are currently in frequent rotation at my house.

The first song was learned in preschool and I just happened to find it for her the other day so she could learn all of it.

Then she saw the I Love Apples video and went wild for it. I have to admit, it may melt my brain but hearing the little hummingbird sing the song is adorable.

When I listen to that song, I imagine a few guys getting really stoned and thinking “WOW, I LOVE APPLES, MAN” and then writing a song about it.

I think I even hear a bong in the background. Or maybe it’s an apple pipe to smoke a bowl so they could get through the song.

If you want to know why parents can be frazzled and may lose their minds, this is one of the many reasons why.

Excuse me while I go eat an apple.

Here’s something to cleanse the palate…

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  1. monica October 26, 2012 at 07:10 #

    LOVE the nobody will know the difference. amen to that. ;o)
    monica recently posted.."Mrs. DayintheLife, you’re no Jack Kennedy."My Profile

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