Marshall Lane….part 1…but there might not be a part 2….or there may be. Who the hell knows.

This was one of the short stories I started when I was going to do National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo. I didn’t last long because I just didn’t have the time so I’m going at my own pace.

This is something that I didn’t even plan to have see the light of day and I might not even continue with it but it keeps staring at me in my draft box.

One night before I fell asleep, the name Marshall Lane popped into my head and then for NaNoWriMo, that’s all I went on. I have no idea what the plot will even be and I don’t have an outline but I do have some ideas with how to expand the story.

This is a very rough draft and I haven’t rewritten anything…those little things that I think could be said much better. Fyi….this is REALLY fucking hard to put out there. I’m having doubts but fuck it, right?

My husband said it sounded like I’ve been watching too much Dexter. I think I’ve been reading too much Stephen King. Don’t feel obligated to comment. I was going to turn the comment section off (but didn’t) because I’m over here pissing myself since I’m so nervous.


Marshall Lane held the gun up to David’s head without any hesitation. “You took my life away from me!” Marshall pulled the trigger twice as David fell to the ground.

He stepped over the body and went back inside the building from the roof. He put the gun back into his pocket and calmly walked to the elevator where he rode down 18 floors.

He walked outside to cold and snow and took a deep breath. David is finally dead, he thought. He had it coming, one way or another. Marshall grabbed a cab back to his hotel to formulate his next step to getting his life back.

He grabbed a sandwich on the way to his hotel room and sat down to flip through the file of her. The woman who made a fool out of him. Kyla Andrews. Marshall knew that it was her time now and looked at the photos the private detective had taken.

She was a beautiful brunette with delicate features and ice blue eyes. Marshall thought she looked rather smug going about her day to day activities.

Kyla took his life away just like David did. She promised him “till death do us part” and failed at that promise. Now it was her turn to stare down the barrel of his gun like the others.

There was Michael Ashford, his former boss who had fired him a month earlier. It felt good to see him beg for his life. That fucker had finally come to know what it was like to be at the mercy of someone else.

He shot him 3 times in the chest while he begged for his life. Marshall was surprised by how easy it was to end someone’s life.

The day after, it was Hayward Lane and Melissa Jennings. Marshall’s father and his girlfriend. His father didn’t put up much of a fight but how could that old bastard. Melissa was different. She almost got away and kicked him so hard in the chest that there were bruises.

Today had been David’s turn to die and tomorrow it would be his ex-wife, Kyla.

Kyla had gotten the house, alimony, and the most precious thing, their daughter Natalie. Marshall knew it was time to get his life back with his daughter and Kyla was the last one to stand in his way.

May be continued……

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