Need something to read while you try to escape your family for the holidays?

Thankfully, we aren’t spending time with my in-laws this year….excuse me a sec……WOOOO HOOOO!… but I know many of you are. When you find excuses to hide, drink, and cry, here are some posts to keep you busy.

When You Wish Upon A Star…And It’s Stuck…Up Where?! – A Christmas star relives the horror of being stuck inside my MIL’s ass.

Behold, the most awesome Christmas decoration. More like an Xmas decoration. – Peeny!

Toddler PMS -When your sweet babe becomes more moody and tantrumy.

What I’ve learned from watching Little House On The Prairie – Mary should be eaten by wild dogs.

Yippee Ki Yay Motherfucker! – When Peeny and the elf on the shelf collide.

I’m just a kid who’s 4. Each day I whine some more. I torture parents. I’m Caillou. – Good kitty, Gilbert.

My Husband Likes To Steal Other People’s Cats In His Spare Time – My hubby is a cat napper.

My half-ass attempt at cooking: easy oatmeal bites for a picky eater, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate pecan pie tarts. – Food!

Crunchy Peanut Butter Cups -More food!

Broiled Avocado with Melted Cheese and Hot Sauce – So good!

Easy Peasy Sticky Bun Pull Apart Ring – And more food!

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