Book Review: Rocket Writes A Story


Rocket Writes A Story by Tad Hills.

I really wanted this book for the little hummingbird so she can get some idea what it is that I do all day. Rocket’s a dog who loves books and there’s a little yellow bird, Rocket’s teacher, that shows Rocket how to put a story together.

Rocket even liked the way books smelled. When he opened a new book, it smelled like a place he’d never been to, like a friend he’d never met.

Of course Rocket get’s writer’s block, something I know all too well, and the little yellow bird encourages Rocket to tap into his imagination.

While trying to find inspiration, Rocket comes across an owl who ends up becoming the story Rocket’s been looking for. He also finds a friend in the owl who helped inspire his story.

My husband and I had differing opinions about this book. I can’t wait to read it again but he just read it once and had no interest in it after that. Good thing the hubby isn’t the target audience. Bada-bing!

Rocket Writes A Story is for kids 4 and up and is 40 pages. I love the illustration and the way the book shows how to put a story together. I know when the little hummingbird is a little bit older and starts to read, this book will be good to have around when she also starts writing.

There’s a prequel to this book called How Rocket Learned To Read that I can’t wait to get for the hummingbird.

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One Response to Book Review: Rocket Writes A Story

  1. Anna January 14, 2013 at 22:14 #

    Sounds like a great book. I will look for it for my daughter, the illustration on the cover is adorable!

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