Guest Post: Freestylin’

Feet-on-treadmillThis guest post comes from Caroline who you can find on her blog, Busyland, and on Twitter @busylandb. She recently had a birthday so she needs lots of birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday, Caroline!!! She’s also expecting her second child in May! Congratulations! I should add a few more exclamation points!!!

Who is Caroline? So glad you asked….. I’m a Florida girl that would never call herself a Southern Belle. Trying to replace all the snarky sarcasm with rainbows and sunshine but it’s hard when my pale skin burns easily. Jesus in my heart, family is my core, and friends are my daily medication.

Some great posts to check out on Busyland:

Geraldine Hoff, daisy dukes, and weight loss – Caroline lost 25 pounds!

Four – A new addition arriving!

Worry – Pregnancy and worry.

10 Toes – And the baby is going to be a ….

Trying to figure out some things to do for free? Look no further!

Things that are free:

Hanging out with my boys

Laughing with my little sister


Running on my treadmill

Pushing the stroller around the block

Reading books on my Kindle (purchased for $0.00)

Facebook stalking


Watching cable at my parents house


Reading bedtime stories

Deep couch conversations with my girlfriends

Watching the ducks at the lake


Cleaning the house

Dancing in the living room

Playing Wii tennis with a little trash talk in between serves


Come May money may be tight but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be bored!
See what Caroline is up to on her blog, Busyland! If you would like to guest post on This Is Mommyhood, email me at elle dot mommyhood at gmail dot com. You don’t need a blog to guest post either!
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