Safe Haven

sparks33In case you need a reminder, Safe Haven is being released this week. I’ll be honest, I’m not really a chick flick kind of girl. Except for The Notebook… because of Ryan Gosling. I mean HELLO, Ryan! Yeah, my favorite Nicholas Sparks movie…. EVER.

In August, Relativity Media and Universal sent me to Southport, North Carolina to do a set visit and interview author Nicholas Sparks. I also met Josh Duhamel (hotter in person which doesn’t seem possible), and Julianne Hough (who is such a cutie).

It was my first time doing anything like this and I never would have dreamed that this was reality. It just blew my mind. Even though this isn’t my type of movie, I’m so going to see it. With the different shooting locations I saw, I just have to see it on the big screen.

But oh my, Josh. I can’t stress enough just how gorgeous this man is in person. He seemed like a kid at heart and us ladies that were there sure did enjoy the time with him.


Nope, I’m not in the below pic…. have to maintain my “secret identity”. But wow, being around him made me giddy and blush like crazy. I was a very happy girl.

joshduhamel2The ladies at Relativity Media and Universal Studios (Dina, Liz, and Cecilia) were fan-fucking-tastic!

On the second day we were in North Carolina, we were part of a parade they were filming and there was rain… lots of rain, which delayed shooting but was so fun to watch. Example: The yelling lady.

Nicholas Sparks arrived when we were taking a tour of a house that’s in the movie. The guy was so kind and generous. We kicked back in a restaurant and Nicholas sat there eating hush puppies while being interviewed. It seemed surreal.

It could have been the wine I had for dinner because I thought later that night was the highlight of the trip. That night all of us ladies had a wonderful meal. At least I assume so. The wine was a flowin’.

After dinner, Liz was dying for ice cream. The rest of the group got on the waiting bus outside of the restaurant but a handful of us ran after Liz while she speed walked down the street a few blocks to get her vanilla ice cream cone. Some of us, especially me, was in hysterics.

Yes, it was the wine!!

I especially want to thank Dina for being so sweet and such a wonderful and very fun lady. And also for sending me to LA in December for the press junket for This Is 40. Thanks, Dina!

So, while I’m not a chick flick kind of girl, I’m known to watch them from time to time and I am definitely going to see Safe Haven when it comes out on Valentine’s Day.

Sit and stare at Josh Duhamel for a few hours? I’m in! You can go on over to What The Flicka? if you’d like to read the Q and A with Nicholas Sparks.






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  1. Anna February 12, 2013 at 14:34 #

    WOW!!!! That is fantastic, what an awesome opportunity, and it sunds like you had a blast!! Hope you have fun at the movies when you go see it 🙂
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