I Left My Heart In Seattle


*I almost pulled this post down because I didn’t like the way it worked out but it stays. I’ll go and drink a bottle of shut the fuck up now and let you read it.  :^)

A while back, I asked you to give me some writing prompt suggestions and one of them was what has been my favorite and worst place to live. That’s a very easy one.

I feel weird telling you about my least favorite, especially if you live there but that would be Ft. Worth, TX. My in-laws live in the Dallas area so you can only imagine how awful that was with them being so close.

My favorite place, hands down, is SEATTLE!!!!! I LOVE the Pacific Northwest and have been homesick for it for years now. We lived there for about a year and a half, years ago but I miss it every day.

I’ve had some ask me what is it about Seattle that I like so much and I usually say it was everything. It just had the perfect combination of quirky, beauty, nature, entertainment, food, and everything else I ever wanted when it comes to where I want to live.

seattle3With my husband being in the military, we’ve lived many places and I will always be a California girl but when we moved to Seattle, it was the first time I really felt like I was home. May sound cheesy but it felt like the energy there along with mine really complimented each other.

Living there brought out the best of me. The me I know was hiding inside for years. I’m so horribly shy in real life but I even got the balls to study theater while living there. That and writing have always been my true loves.

My husband was gone for a HUGE part of the time that we lived there but I really flourished while living in Seattle, being mostly on my own. Just a few weeks after moving there, my hubby went on deployment and it was really hard to be in an unknown place by myself so soon but then I discovered one of the most awesome things a few days later.


I had such a love affair with Seattle the whole time I was there. I plan on moving there and making it our permanent home once the hubby gets out of the Navy in 3 or so years and I’m so excited.

I could still see possibly staying in Northern California but moving back to Seattle has been in my mind from the day we had to move from there.

In case you’re curious, I really don’t think it rains as much there as people think. I actually found it comforting and thought Seattle was one of the most active cities that I’ve ever lived in.

seattle2My MIL knows how much I love it there so seeing how tactful she is…*snort*… she can always find something wrong with our plans to move back there for good. And of course it’s my fault that my husband also loves it there as much as I do. She thinks it’s all my fault that he doesn’t want to move back near them in Texas and has told me in so many words.

So, in case I didn’t already make it clear HA, I had such a love affair with Seattle and it’s the only place in the whole world that I want to live. Well there and Ireland, but Ireland is a whole other story.

What’s your dream place to live?

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5 Responses to I Left My Heart In Seattle

  1. Christene February 14, 2013 at 22:46 #

    Awww.. cute! I want to live in London! In the year 1830. But that is another story too…
    Christene recently posted..I RememberMy Profile

  2. LeeAnne Curtis February 17, 2013 at 06:19 #

    I was in Bremerton, (across the Puget Sound) wwaayy back when, for about 6 months. I LOVED IT!! I agree with your comments about Seattle. Every chance I got, I took the ferry across the sound and spent the day in Seattle. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the steep streets and the artistic “demeanor” about. If I could chose any place in the world to live, it would probably be right where I am now – NC. I live 3 hours from the coast and 3 hours from the mountains. Second place would be Virginia Beach, VA – that is where I say I grew up – Dad being in the Navy – I was really surprised that we actually got to stay there from 7th grade to graduation! I LOVED Damn Neck and Little Creek. Spent many a wonderful summer day at the beach.
    LeeAnne Curtis recently posted..Easter or special occasion Dress by LeeannesCreationsMy Profile

  3. Celeste February 19, 2013 at 21:52 #

    Seattle lover and liver over here! Liver? Wwait, that sounds horrible.

    Anyway, I moved here from Hawaii, and I, too, scoff at what they call rain here. Sure, it’s cloudy a lot of the time, but this city, she looks grand in any weather. Also, SO much to do, especially with kids.

    The end. (Also, hello! Just came across your blog tonight. Enjoying very much.)
    Celeste recently posted..Just Enough RoomMy Profile

  4. Jiza @ The Real JZ February 21, 2013 at 12:08 #

    I was online trying to search for a “I left my heart in Seattle” tshirt and it led me to your blog. And I am glad I found it b/c I feel the exact same way. I was there the other week b/c hubby had some training out near Bangor and I totally felt at home too. So when we got orders to San Diego the other day, I cried. I hear ya though, we definitely wanna go back long term and no one else really understands since both of our families are east coast. Oh, Seattle.


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