The picture says it all.

We finally found a second car yesterday and had to drive to New Hampshire to find one. The husband picks it up later this week so no more being a taxi driver for me!

While we were driving back, I saw this…

But does he like zombie boobs?

But does he love zombie boobs?


So, I’m not a guy or anything but the last time I saw someone say “boobies”, I was in junior high. I prefer boobs or boobage.

And I don’t say breasts since getting that last “s” in the word is hard for me, yo. It usually comes out breast-s-s-s-s-s and I sound like a snake.

Cheers I Love Zombies and Boobies guy. Thanks for making me smile and thanks to my husband for speeding up so I could get a picture.

*Come Undone

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