Prego craving: Vegan Jalepeno Garlic Havarti Style Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Cheddar Style Grilled Cheese With Dijon Mustard.

A few months ago, I was fed up with dairy (and meat), as much as I LOVE cheese, mostly because I’m very lactose-intolerant. Then I decided you know what, I’ll go vegan.

I know, people seem to love to hate vegans. haha

I had actually thought about it for several months and decided after the massive pain flare up I had because of Fibromyalgia, soon after my last miscarriage, I was going to go ahead and do it to try and take more control over my health.

Sure, I miss steak, pepperoni pizza, Vermont cheddar cheese, milk chocolate, blue cheese, burgers, feta cheese… you get it.

I’ve had slip ups, especially when this insane and CRAZY grilled cheese craving started in on me a few weeks ago. I use this awesome parmesan cheese I found since we moved here (Bel Gioioso, this brand will rock your socks off), along with a shredded Mexican 4 cheese that I make sure to sprinkle along the side of the sandwich to give it that really awesome crunch.

Best fucking grilled cheese ever. Nom… nom… nom!

But I’ve decided to keep with my vegan diet, well, as much as I can, during my pregnancy so I had to come up with a vegan grilled cheese. Although, I do let myself have the regular one a few times a week because this baby has needs, damn it!

This vegan grilled cheese is pretty damn good and helps satisfy my craving, for the most part, lol

What can I say? The other one cannot be beat!

I’m also putting up another vegan grilled cheese I make. I use Daiya “cheddar cheese” and dijon mustard.


For the first one…

What you’ll need:

Daiya Jalepeno Garlic Havarti style cheese, shredded

Veganaise horseradish

Kosher or dairy-free bread… I like Rudi’s

Earth Balance spread


Lightly spread the bread ( I’m a poet and didn’t know it, yo, yo, yo :^)) with Earth Balance spread. Spread the other sided with horseradish. Put those fuckers in a heated pan. Cover the bread with the cheese. Grill on both sides. Ta-da!

Vegan Cheddar Cheese and Parmesan Style Grilled Cheese

What you’ll need:

Daiya cheddar cheese style, shredded

dijon mustard

Go Veggie Parmesan style “cheese” (I found that one is vegan, another isn’t, so make sure to double check)

Kosher or dairy-free bread

Earth Balance spread


Slap it all together and get it in your belly!

*I absolutely “craved” KOL when I was pregnant with the hummingbird. That craving is already back with this baby bird.

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