Holy hell, give me a heart attack, why don’t you!

On Thursday, we FINALLY went to hear the baby bird’s heartbeat for the first time. I thought I would chill the fuck out by now and not worry so much about having another miscarriage but yay, I’m a worrier and think the worst.

When Dr. Catchthebaby got out the doppler and started moving it out, we only heard my heartbeat. It was probably only a few minutes that she was looking for the bird’s heartbeat but everything started slowing down and my heart started to race.

She still couldn’t find the heartbeat and I was a mess. Dr. Catchthebaby told me she’s not worried at all but I guess the look on my face spoke volumes. She sent me downstair to have an ultrasound and the 30 minutes of waiting was awful. I tried to keep it together but broke out into the worst ugly cry ever. I usually dig that cry out at the end of Beaches or La Bamba…. NO… NOT RICHIE… NOOOO!

I was taken back to get it done and that’s when I saw the baby bird’s heartbeat flickering on the screen. Then I heard the incredible heartbeat.

After that, I felt like the biggest idiot for my ugly cry scene in the waiting room but oh well.

All is well with the baby bird but I don’t think the worry will go away with this pregnancy. At the same time, I’m a little more relaxed than I was with the hummingbird, if that makes any sense.

I think it’s that I’m more relaxed and feel calmer at the thought of after this baby bird pops into the world. The first baby is scary as hell.

Here’s the baby bird last month…



and here’s a few days ago…


He/she has gotten so big and I’m feeling very pregnant already.

I’ve been looking in all our sroed boxes for my maternity clothes and nada. After all of these moves, the maternity clothes are gone. We’ve looked and looked and looked… nothing. Booo!

I was hoping to find my maternity coat that cost more than I’ve ever spent on a winter coat but since that didn’t happen… SHOPPING!

My in-laws will be here in a matter of days and this is nothing new but I’m really not in the mood to deal with their shit. They’ll be here a whole week. OMG! I just… I … ugh.

I’m going to miss the wine so, so much this holiday.

*The incredible, amazing, spectacular, eargasmic Andrew Bird.

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3 Responses to Holy hell, give me a heart attack, why don’t you!

  1. Angie November 24, 2013 at 09:25 #

    It is so scary when they have trouble finding the heartbeat. I am glad everything is okay!

    As for the in-laws, I would declare you need plenty of rest due to the pregnancy and hide in your room. That is what I did. 🙂
    Angie recently posted..Maid or wife?My Profile

  2. Debbie Nguyen November 24, 2013 at 17:56 #

    So glad everything is A-OK but don’t feel bad about freaking. We’ve all been there! And it’s totally understandable.
    As for the OTHER people, do not let the OUT-LAWS bother you. It’s your house, your space, your baby, your rules!
    Gobble gobble!

  3. LeeAnne Curtis November 24, 2013 at 20:08 #

    I totally agree with Debbie and Angie – and I would even go so far as to invite your Mom for the same week. I do believe she would put your MIL in her place!!! Anyway – totally excited for you and the new bird. Happy everything is okay and progressing smoothly (and freakouts are allowed – you are growing a baby for crying out loud!!!) WHO wouldn’t freak out?!?!?
    LeeAnne Curtis recently posted..Dress and Capris in sizes 1/2 – 7 by LeeannesCreationsMy Profile

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