Thanksgiving vent.

I’m sure many of us are around family that we’d like to shoot with a traquilizer gun right about now. So this space will be to vent you frustraions in the comments and I’ll put them in the post.

If you’d like to remain anonymous, just email me with you venting and I’ll add it.

That way we can all see the crazy we’re dealing with and hopefully laugh about it.

I’ll start. My in-laws spent more time talking about their drive up from Boston and all the places they had to stop to pee, longer than the 2 hour drive took. WTF?

My FIL also started talking about Jello ??? Huh??? and the factory process of it. No, you don’t want to know the details.

And it’s only their first night here. HaHa.

Updated: The MIL was telling me that something must be wrong with the pregnancy because I’m so tired this time around. Bitch.

My FIL won’t shut the fuck up. I’m tempted to put up a sign that says SILENCE IS GOLDEN. We got the lowdown of his fucking Medicare policy earlier and now he won’t shut up about it. I seem to be having more of a problem with him this time around because OMG, he won’t shut up at all. My ears are going to start bleeding soon.

I’m hiding upstairs but they’re here for 3 more days.

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6 Responses to Thanksgiving vent.

  1. Leesepea November 28, 2013 at 23:18 #

    Last month when she thought my dad might have cancer (he doesn’t), my stepmom called me to bemoan the fact that a) she didn’t have more kids and b) that I’m not as “close” with my younger half-sister as she’d like. Rather than point at that telephones work both ways, I promised I’d try to be a better sister/friend. Today she sidled up on the couch next to me to show me pictures she’d taken of my sister & my daughter earlier this week and proceeded to get upset when I refused to talk shit about my sister’s outfit in the pictures! My sister wasn’t around to defend herself and, honestly, if she’s happy with the way she looks when she leaves the house then hey, who am I to judge? She wasn’t wearing pajamas in public, she wasn’t dressed like a whore, and who cares if she’s 32 and still running around in Disney tees and Skechers??? She was coming out to meet us for lunch, not present a lecture to the her students! So, which do you want, lady? For me to be a better “friend” to my sister or for me to shit talk behind her back? Because, last I checked, that wasn’t a very “friendly” thing to do. And don’t get me started about her rants regarding my brother in law! Poor sap can do nothing right in here eyes. I turn a deaf ear and hope she doesn’t say the same type of shit to my sister about me & my husband when I’m not around. *Sigh*
    Leesepea recently posted..And I wonder where she will stay**My Profile

  2. Leesepea November 28, 2013 at 23:23 #

    I’m completely sober, so I have no excuse for the typos above. Also, I could swear that the picture of the Hummingbird on the grass in the “This is Mommyhood” badge to the right was a GIF and she just started running towards the comments box as I was typing. It’s not, and I know it’s not, but that’s what I saw.

    Maybe I should have just kept that to myself…
    Leesepea recently posted..And I wonder where she will stay**My Profile

  3. Not Telling November 29, 2013 at 00:38 #

    We invited my MIL to my family’s Thanksgiving celebration and she came, I tried to make her happy and include her in our fun, but tonight she posted on FB: “Today was a sad and depressing day”…..YES granted she is a widow but geez woman, how about NOT leading with that? Way to stay depressed FOREVER. It makes me not want to try.

  4. Rachel November 29, 2013 at 18:52 #

    We are in the process of emptying my grandmother’s house. She died in Aug 2012 and one of my uncles was going to take the house as his inheritance. Fine. Until he texted my aunt, the executor of the estate, last month that he was not going to take the house. Now we have to empty it completely to sell it. Again, not great, but fine. My mother and her other brother went through the house and organized everything so we could ALL go through the house and take what we wanted. This would happen on Thanksgiving. My uncle, the one who was helping do the organizing, didn’t lable what he wanted, so when he saw what you had, he then went through to see what he had “already claimed.” It got so bad, my husband took a load of stuff out to the car between dinner and dessert and my uncle started to chase after his to see what he was taking. Like we were stealing *his* possessions and not distributing the estate as was the plan. Ugh. Family holidays should definitely be celebrated individually!

  5. Kiar Shaw November 29, 2013 at 21:17 #

    I have been lucky enough to only want to kill my in-laws a little this week. It may be due to the fact that I am high as a kite on Norco’s and DayQuil. I was blessed with a wicked cold that hit yesterday, as I was cooking at my friends house for Thanksgiving dinner.
    We went to the beach today, to celebrate my 13 year old’s birthday, because they didn’t like any of the previous ideas she had put forth. Which turned out fine, but my FIL was being a big baby, and mad because he had to keep his dog on the leash, (um, state park, so LAW) and couldn’t just sit on his butt the entire time, since if he wanted to be near anyone sitting down the dog would go batcrap crazy and try to tear the blankets, snack area and beach chairs apart. (we had told him to leave the dog at the house, we didn’t bring ours for that very reason!) Grr.
    We moved 6 hours away from them for a reason… Glad they came to visit, but very relieved they will be going home tomorrow.
    I really feel for the previous postings! Family can be so nuts!

  6. Pela December 1, 2013 at 23:33 #

    This year, I had no real feelings of hurting anyone…badly anyway. My SIL can be a real twit and feel the need to explain every tiny thing to me as if I have a mental disability. (She is a special ed teacher and I have 2 college degrees!). I lost my older sister to cancer this past April so it was more about trying to keep things light and help my parents thru the first major holiday (since Easter which was right after) without losing their shit. I was strange and sad but we made it thru relatively unscathed.

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