Book Review: The Snicky Guide To Falling Asleep

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This is an adorable book about Snicky the dog and the many ways he likes falling asleep. Written by Pamela Ann Will, The Snicky Guide To Falling Asleep is a great book for the little ones.

The hummingbird has me read it to her several times in a row. Her favorite part is when she sees Snicky cuddled up in blankets. When I asked the little bird how much she likes the book, she spread her arms wide and said “this much!”

About the book…

Snicky was rescued from a shelter by Pamela who put his picture on the internet. It was love at first sight when she saw his cute face and big ears. This book is the result of Snicky’s uncanny ability to fall asleep anytime and anywhere.

Let Snicky be your child’s role model as he demonstrates all the fun ways to go to sleep.



This book is available at SnickyBooks.

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