My husband hates me.


Over the holidays, I was looking throughout our DVR list and noticed that my husband had recorded Caillou’s Holiday Movie. My first thought was “are you fucking kidding me??” because the hummingbird has been losing interest in that little shit, Caillou, for a while and is obsessed with Peppa Pig.

I can’t stand that whiny little fuck as evidenced in I’m just a kid who’s 4. Each day I whine some more. I torture parents. I’m Caillou., and Bill the squirrel vs. Caillou.

I deleted the movie and my butthead hubby recorded it again. I begged and pleaded my case, ahem… even with a promise of a bj, but nothing worked.

During one day on the holiday break, I was going nuts with Peppa Pig and had a temporary case of insanity when I asked the little hummingbird if she would like to see Caillou.

“No, mommy. I don’t like Caillou.”


A few days later, I walked downstairs one morning to find the hubby and hummingbird cuddled up on the couch… awww… watching that freaking Caillou Holiday Movie… nooooo.

Since then, that damn movie has been watched countless times in the past 2 weeks.

Oh lawdy, help me!!

My 4 year-old’s love of Caillou has returned.

Oh lawdy, help me!!

The husband is going back to work next week, which is a good thing because we’ve been driving each other kinda crazy these past few days.

I’ve already told the hubby that I plan on not ever letting the baby bird know of that little whiny shit, Caillou.

When work starts back for him and preschool is back in session, I predict that the DVR is going to “accidentally” erase that damn Caillou movie, never to be seen again… until next year when my hubby will likely record it.


Which children’s shows drive you out of your mind?

*Far Behind

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10 Responses to My husband hates me.

  1. Christene January 2, 2014 at 01:38 #

    My children still do not know Caillou exists… and I intend to keep it that way!

    • Elle January 2, 2014 at 01:44 #

      Can we please trade husbands? Hehe. 😉

      That way you can teach mine how evil Caillou really is. Mine never takes me seriously when I tell him.

  2. Stephanie January 2, 2014 at 07:07 #

    My kids briefly (thank you, God, VERY briefly) liked Caillou. Even Barney was better that that whiny little shit.

    My kids had a daily 4-month long love affair with Jim Carrey’s The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I do mean daily, and I think it started sometime in the summer. It got so bad I’d try to get it over with before my mother-in-law came over to watch them while I was at work. One day she walked in while it was on and said, “Oh, God.” I mouthed “I’m sorry” and left for work.

  3. Audra McGee January 2, 2014 at 08:32 #

    No Caillou here for my youngest, but I have seen a few episodes in the past with my oldest daughter. She didn’t care for him. I guess I owe her??
    My youngest is also into Peppa Pig. Not bad I suppose.
    I’m totally over Dora. My youngest is too since she called her stupid for not knowing how to get somewhere. I think she heard that from the 10 yr old. Yeah seriously Dora, you go to the same places all the time! How can you not remember how to get there? And where the hell are your parents?

  4. Leslee January 2, 2014 at 11:00 #

    OMG. Caillou. I had no idea I could despise a kid cartoon character so much. He is completely banned in our house. Every time our 3 year old watches it, he starts to act like a horrible BRAT! Yes, I’m totally blaming Caillou for that.

  5. My Special Kind of Crazy January 2, 2014 at 11:03 #

    Fortunately Sweets doesn’t watch Carillon or anything else that really drives me crazy. It is more the watching the same movie over and over and over and over…i was so happy when the Cinderella phase ended. Then she moved on to Annie and omfg it is so much worse!!
    My Special Kind of Crazy recently posted..Ho-Ho-HOrrible Santa Pictures!My Profile

  6. monica January 2, 2014 at 11:56 #

    I’ve never seen caillou, but right now peppa pig is all the rage. and Eloise? who, from all I’ve heard, is a neglected child with daddy issues.
    monica recently posted..Top Ten Excuses for 2013My Profile

  7. Angie January 2, 2014 at 22:35 #

    I have never seen Caillou and I am glad I haven’t. It is mostly Disney Jr in my house. Even though I like Disney, if I see Monster University one more time I will hurt someone.
    Angie recently posted..Visit with SantaMy Profile

  8. Stephenie Stone January 6, 2014 at 20:51 #

    Caillou really is about the worst. Thank god my kids never liked it. The worst show my kids briefly liked was The Color Crew.
    Stephenie Stone recently posted..Family Lesson Gone WrongMy Profile

  9. cyndy January 11, 2014 at 05:55 #

    I despise that little bald-headed bastard.
    One good thing about kids getting older is the shows suck less.
    cyndy recently posted..Ten Things of Thankful ~ My 1st of 2014My Profile

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