What’s For Lunch?

It’s the third week since the hummingbird started Kindergarten, and I still haven’t gotten the hang of the full-time school thing. It’s more of ” Where in the hell did my time with her go?!”

The little hummingbird’s school is excellent and very welcoming so I’ve been going there to see her at lunch or recess a few times a week. And yes, I peek a lot at what other kids are eating.

I’m kind of in awe of the kids I see who devour everything in sight since my daughter is not that way whatsoever. But, I’m still gradually introducing more foods into her diet and while it may take bribing with promises of chocolate, a My Little Pony doll, and even a little allowance, she has let me incorporate a few new things, like salsa.

One may ask “How can you not like the deliciousness that is salsa?”. Well, my 5 year-old was one of them. GASP! It took many years, but she’s now a salsa convert.

Given that my kid is so tiny and in the 3rd percentile, if that, I’ll stick with my bribing ways. Something I promised I would never do before I was a parent.

Oh well, I’ll just put that in the big ass pile of other things I said I’d never do as a mom.

IMG_9715-1L to R:


* Carrots

*Cheez-It Crackers

*Tortilla wrap with peanut butter and strawberry jam

*Ranch dressing in container


L to R:



*Bagel with cream cheese and jam


It was my first time sending a cold cheese quesadilla in her lunch so I packed her extra food in case she didn’t like it. She did!

L to R:

* Tortilla chips

* Hello Kitty peanut butter and honey sandwich

*Granola bar under sandwich

*Applesauce pouch

*A winning cheese quesadilla

* Salsa in container


Homemade lunchable.

L to R


*Sweet pickles


*Sharp cheddar


L to R:

* Granola bar

*A clementine and blueberries

*Maple syrup in container

*Mini pancakes

*Sliced hot dog

I’ve had people ask me about the different things I use to add a little extra pizzaz to her lunch. So, here goes…


*Silicone round baking cups.

*EasyLunchboxes containers for condiments.

*Silicone square baking cups.

*CuteZCute animal picks and forks.

*Hello Kitty cookie cutter. This one came from Hong Kong so it took a few weeks to receive.

I try to add a little note in the hummingbird’s lunch box but I’ve also found some cute printable notes as well. I read her the notes the morning of. It took me much longer than I’d care to admit when it came to finding printables that I really liked. Damn, Pinterest! “Oh yeah, I’ll just check in on Pinterest for a few minutes”. Ha!

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