What The Hummingbird Has Learned In Kindergarten So Far


I ask my daughter how her day was at school after she gets settled back home. Most of the time, I get nada from her. But later on, I may find what she’s been doing in school through hearing and watching her play. Her teacher has a blog so I can go on there and see the books she’s been reading to the class, etc.

Of course, my daughter may wait to tell me ALL about her day 2 minutes before we need to leave the house for her gymnastics class, when it’s GO time and we’re in a rush.

I really love to know what she’s doing in school so I can expand on that at home. But this is how it usually goes…

Me: Did you have fun?

Hummingbird: Yeah.

Me: What did you do?

Hummingbird: I don’t know.

Me: Did you play?

Hummingbird: Yes.

Me: Who’d you play with?

Hummingbird: I don’t know.

Me: Did your teacher read?

Hummingbird: Yeah.

Me: What did she read?

Hummingbird: I don’t know.

Me: Did you have art class today?

Hummingbird: Yeah.

Me: What did you do in art class?

Hummingbird: I don’t know.


A few days ago, I finally found what she’s been learning in school. In a way that only a kid can sum things up.

Hummingbird: *burp*

Hummingbird: Mom, you know what?

Me: What?

Hummingbird: I burpted!

Me: I know. I think they heard you down the street!

Hummingbird: Mom? *in her sweet voice*

Mom: Yes? *thinks* Maybe she’s going to tell me she loves me. Awww, I have the best kid in the world.

Hummingbird: I want to take my burp and put it in a package in the mail.

I want to mail it to my class and when they open it up, it’s me burping… and farting!

I want to put me burping AND farting in the mail and send it to my school so my class and teacher can hear it! *laughs*

Me: *thinks* Okay, I wasn’t expecting this but… my kid is a genius!

Hummingbird: Mom? MOM? What do you think?

Me: Ewwww! So gross and so awesome!

Hummingbird: That’s what I think!

I have the best kid in the world.

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4 Responses to What The Hummingbird Has Learned In Kindergarten So Far

  1. Naomi September 26, 2014 at 20:47 #

    I’m so glad we aren’t the only one with someone who forgets what they did at school. I can usually get a little bit of something with pointed questions. She will generally tell strangers some of the stuff she did, like sing them a new song or tell them her friend “hurt me in the butt” (someone knocked her over, and it hurt, but the poor store clerk probably thought something different).

  2. Babystuff.tips September 27, 2014 at 07:17 #

    That is hilarious! My son isn’t even two yet and thinks burps and farts are the funniest thing on the planet.
    Babystuff.tips recently posted..A Birthday WishMy Profile

  3. Sigrid Saradunn September 27, 2014 at 17:27 #

    I love this…
    it is wonderful that you have a place to record all the wonders
    that she comes up with, makes up and shares ☺
    I say “make up” because at the same age, my daughter told
    her babysitter that she and her brother were the only children
    I let out of the attic !

    Love reading your blog

  4. Tarynn Playle September 28, 2014 at 02:28 #

    Hahaha! You have quite the clever kiddo there! Hilarious!
    Tarynn Playle recently posted..Cooking With My LittleMy Profile

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