Kids Have No Filter


Kids love to tell the truth, the more brutal, the better. Kids will most certainly keep your ego in check… and possibly embarrass the hell out of you.

After putting my daughter to bed…

5 yo: Will you tell me if you’re going downstairs?

Me: I always do. You know, you don’t need to tell me that every night.

5 yo: I know. But you’re old and might forget.


When I made spinach and goat cheese quiche last week.

Her: Mom… this really doesn’t look good.

Her: And it smells like cat puke.


Standing in line at Target.

Her: Mom, that lady looks like a grandma (the next lane over).

Me: She does.

Her: Is she the grandma you called an asshole for driving so slow?

Me: Well, umm, she might be.

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3 Responses to Kids Have No Filter

  1. Sophie March 3, 2015 at 10:33 #

    I once took the bus with my five year old daughter to a birthday day party. She was dressed up as a fairy and had a magic wand. During the journey she kept waving it over an elderly lady opposite us.

    “What are you doing?” the elderly lady asked her.

    “You are so ugly, I am going to turn you into a beautiful princess with my magic wand!,” my daughter replied.

    Needless to say we got off at the next stop and walked the rest of the way.

    – Sophie (

  2. Naomi March 18, 2015 at 15:42 #

    That’s so funny!

    I recently gained a bunch of weight, so mine says, “Mommy, your butt jiggles! It’s so jiggly! *lots of giggles*”

  3. Jen May 21, 2015 at 15:31 #

    Ahhhh, kids! They are brutally honest!
    And these…crack me up!
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